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Press Conference in Amsterdam, EU HQ and Amsterdam store

George Blankenship at Press Conference in Amsterdam

translated notes from tweets...(Elon not present)

Aside from the distribution center in Tilburg more is coming to the Netherlands. Amsterdam will get a service center, store and the EU Headquarters.

HQ will be based in the business district 'Zuidas' this summer
Store in proximity of the 'Museumplein' - the PC Hooftstraat. (top location)

The Netherlands is in the top in number of reservations, right after the USA (Personal comment: and Norway I Presume)

Giving general pitch on becoming less dependent on Petrol, Software Updates - a new car after one night sleep, great customers in Netherlands, to change people you need to tempt them with the best car we can build etc…

There are also SuperChargers coming to the Netherlands

Picture credits and most tweets from @adam_elektrisch, the city of amsterdam electric car initiative.

Both the European Distribution Center (Tilburg) and the European Headquarters (Amsterdam). That's good news for The Netherlands.

@jeroens - thanks for posting this.

I hope Tesla Motors realise that people living in the Netherlands like to drive their cars through the rest of Europe too. So superchargers outside of the Netherlands would be a big help in the future as well as promote Tesla Motors ;-)


Elon yesterday in Norway already said that the goal is you can travel cross europe with the Model S with strategic places SuperChargers..

Hopefully they'll place SC from south in spain to northcape in norway;-) that would become a populare roadtrip imho.:-) from the warm sand beaches in spain to midnightsun or northern light:-)

What did Elon say about us up north in connection with the brodering: "the country of eternal darkness and cold"? We definitely should add the midnight sun and northern light to that characterisation.


@Jeroens : Is the store also coming in summer of 2013 or just the headquarters?


Apparently George said both Summer 2013

But what about the Headquarter in Maidenhead, in the UK? Will that be closed/replaced?

Does anybody know what will happen to the Headquarter in Maidenhead, in the UK? Will there be 2 Headquarters in Europe (Maidenhead and Amsterdam)?

the contract for Maidenhead runs 2 more years
so if they dont renew it it will expire and TM will move out
HQ will move to Netherlands

@ Norbert.Vienna

The contract for the rent of the building runs 2 more years (2015)? OK.

But the opening of the HQ in Amsterdam is in 2013.

So, Tesla will have 2 HQ's till 2015?

HQ and distribution center are two very different things. They need not be in one place.

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