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Previous autos?

Just curious what type of cars you drove before you decided to get the Tesla? Also, how many of you bought the Tesla because it was all electric, or was some of the reasons were that its just a different type of car and the fact that its all electric really didn't matter?

Thanks all.

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cmadsen . I am about to lose points. My daily drivers for the past 10+ years have been Jeep Wranglers- cheap thrills once you leave the pavement. We own a Toyota FJ, Subaru Legacy, Thunderbird , a VW GTI, and I am currently driving my toy, a pristine 1992 Alfa Romeo Spider – noisy and slow. Since college I have often restored affordable vintage sports cars. They are fun, easy to fix, and profitable. Besides, I love seeing low tech parked adjacent to high tech (356/GT3).

I fell in love with the whole Tesla concept : Electric, efficient, clean, smooth, quiet, decent handling, attractive. I liked the whole digital, clean interior – the understated elegance and lack of clutter. The more I looked at traditional ICE vehicles I saw the parts bin mentality and the tireless effort of engineers – refinement not creativity. Big ICE has too much invested in infrastructure to radically change.
To me, Tesla represents a clear vision and the focus to create something spectacular. Creating a better mouse trap? “Vive la difference!”

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