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Price of centre console... Best guess?

What do you guys think?

$1800 is my guess based on the cost of the Yacht Floors (which have mysteriously disappeared from the Buy section).

@Got Amped
Unrelated to this thread but I believed they were removed because they are now an option in the building section.

I have a great center console from It matched my leather and obeche wood perfectly. It fit very well. They were great to work with. Very high quality!

Thanks Meyers.... Seems like the website is down?

No center console required


@ramtaz... where do you put your sunglasses, pen etc....?

@ MikeTO_P85 - the open center area seems like a great place, where else would they go? LOL


Only $9.95 with a free set of Ginsu knives but shipping and handling are $1,900.

did Drew Carey of the price is right start this thread!!

@Pacey - Thanks for the link, unless the official Tesla one is under 1K I'm going to go with the Tesla Accessories one.

Any center console a penny more than $20 is overpriced in my opinion. Here's my trusty, OEM, portable, Tesla red, with lock, center console:

Fit's everything I need and still leaves enough room in the middle for Chinese takeout.

Just the trim finish in carbon fiber on Roadster's center console is $1200 as a point of reference:

Like the different options in aftermarket:

I'll wait for the Popeil pocket version.

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