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Price DECREASE Overall?

I must be missing something. Can someone edify me on this? I configured a vehicle in the Design Studio to match the vehicle I took delivery of last month and the total price is $90,970. My vehicle price was $91,270. Did the cost of the car itself decrease while the options jumped? I have 85, Green, Tech, Pano, Sound, Leather, Air Susp, Shelf.
I know I am going to feel dumb when I get the responses, but for some reason I cant figure it out...

You probably forgot to add certain options that you definitely got in your config.

Did you add the Nappa Leather trim option? and the Alcantara headliner?

Thanks for the reply. I added the Leather Trim Option Yes. Not the Alcantra I dont think I have that now.

Same configuration for the 60 I bought in Apr now prices out to $5500 more.

But the cars being built each month are probably including quality upgrades and "fixes" over the older cars. That's gotta be worth something.

Tesla includes the $7,500 tax credit in the price. You paid that when you bought your car. Did you account for that?

@ Bikezion, nothing has changed about how Tesla quotes the price in the design studio - they always have removed the $7,500 tax credit. Nothing has changed there.

Same configuration for the 60 I bought in Apr now prices out to $5500 more.

But the cars being built each month are probably including quality upgrades and "fixes" over the older cars. That's gotta be worth something.

Wow, that's gotta be one of the best rationalizations for the price increase I've heard so far!

"Although they've never acknowledged any QC problems, maybe our $100K cars are being built the way they should have been originally. Maybe."

Just wait for all the trouble threads with the new vehicles...

"Just rear ended a Mercedes, sensors don't work"

"I backed into a Volvo, Tesla won't pay"

"Distance on screen shows 5 cm, actual distance 4.5 cm - recall?"

It never ends.

I just configured mine again under the "what would you buy now" thread and mine was $3000 less than the Signature I have, and I ADDED parking sensors. WHAT price increase?

I think that answers it. The price I quoted was what I PAID the price as configured, newly is with the tax credit. Thank you! Can't believe I didnt realize that.

Not for me, Jesse K. My price is really less now.

But wasn't any combination of car+options cheaper than any Signature in the first place? I think Signatures are not really discussed here?

@Dramsey: Maybe you should stick with the 10th year model of a BMW or Mercedes then, because I'm sure there will been absolutely no issues with them, right?

I was merely trying to help the folks who feel like they've been "wronged" by Tesla that they are indeed getting things that those who paid a little less didn't get.. no need to get snarky.

A lot of these threads are based on assumptions. Here's one: P85 already comes with Nappa trim option. Apparently this is completely new and was never included in previous builds, so this is not something that would need to get added back into a re-pricing of the vehicle. Even current Performance owners don't have this new Nappa trim option.

So please make sure you are adding the correct items back into your order. Other items, such as Performance seats and Alcantara headliner, may as well be completely removed because they add nothing noticeable to the experience. Don't get the Nappa trim, Alcantara headliner and Performance seats and you've saved $5,000 in largely unnecessary and unnoticeable options.

tobi_ger, I don't think that's correct. The Sigs required a $40K deposit, and we got some special paint colors like the Signature red, + we got all the bells and whistles (tech package, suspension, wood trim, leather, Alcantara, etc.) that you could get EXCEPT the rear seats, 21" wheels, and pano roof, but the pricing was the same.

I got the pano roof in addition to the standard stuff, and wound up net after taxes at $97,600. If I did that today with the exact same stuff, it would be 3K less.

Maybe they charged me $3K for the three little script "Signatures" that quietly appear on the car, but I don't think so. I remember pricing my 85 before upgrading (I was # 616 on the reservation list), and that price was consistent.

Perhaps the paint was more expensive than the $1200 addition now. I upgraded to get the car earlier and get that Sig burgundy red color. Never regretted it.


Thanks for the details, I understand now.


Did you take into consideration the "Sig Tax"? ;-)

Careful on analyzing the Nappa trim option. AFAIK, the standard dash material is synthetic leather, and on my S85 with optional leather, I think that this is still synthetic leather. I assume that the upgraded Nappa leather is a new 'feature' at an up charge.

@ JPPTM, some are saying that the Performance model under the previous option structure came with the extended Nappa trim (dash, doors, etc.). Are you saying this is not the case, or just applicable to S85 but not P85?

S85 leather upgrade from July:

"Nappa Leather $1,500
Hand-wrapped surfaces of soft supple Nappa leather. 12-way power adjustable, heated seats."

P85 leather description from July:

"Nappa Leather STANDARD
Nappa leather seats with contrast piping and Alcantara bolsters. Extensive leather throughout. 12-way power adjustable, heated seats."

The difference is the term "Extensive leather throughout" that applies to the P but not the S. Wondering what they mean...

AR - Check this thread for confirmation of the new leather package...


Amped--AFAIK my Nappa Leather upgrade/option on my S85 (May production) has synthetic leather on the dash, real leathe ron the seats. New option adds real leather to areas that did not have them (dash, doors). Also, AFAIK, if you do NOT upgrade to leather and stick with the 'standard' textile interior, the dash and other surfaces still have synthetic leather.

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