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Price Increase Announced

Reasonable and well-reasoned for a transcendent car.

I have no problems with this

I'm very happy they separated the manditory 21" wheels from the performance model. (Savings of $3.750 Cdn)
I wanted the all-season radials (living in Canada) but couldn't live without the performance. This saves me having to buy another set of tires. Yay!

The 21" wasn't mandatory in the performance model, it's been stated a few Tim's and officially by tesla, the were included for free, you could select 19" or upgrade to 21" for no charge. Now 21" is an add-on

Yeah, I'm not so happy that we europeans probably must pay >$3500 extra for the performance model with 21" grey wheels now :(

I am actually surprised that the battery replacement option for the 85kwh is only $12000, I thought it would be more, so I am happy. Although it would be maybe 10 years before I will need new batteries?

Tesla probably uses those batteries after that. 85kWh * 0.7 is still nearly 60kWh so using those for UPS or SC or something like that for next ten years (42kWh after next 10yr) is plausible, so the battery you are giving in as trade is still valuable thing. Actual recycling is needed much later, and even that can be "profitable" (IE. you gain materials cheaper than digging them from ground).

Buy a new one without trading the old in would probably cost you quite a bit more.

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