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Pricing on Model X?

For the Model S, those that have a reservation prior to year-end will not be subject to the price increase that takes effect on Jan 1. Is there any similar advantage to making a Model X reservation before year-end? Or is the only advantage, at this point, that you get a spot earlier in line?

Solar City installed my NEMA 14-50 outlet for $450 (includes city permits) in San Jose, CA.

While I do appreciate the advancements that these vehicles will drive, I would rather have seen(like some here have stated) a push towards a more economical version for the masses. As the namesake of the company was all about the common man, not just the wealthy. Maybe a trimmed version without many of the frills, for a more basic price. If I had the income I would definitely purchase one right now. I got excited when I heard of a Tesla model around $30K. Then when I came here all I see is another $50K+ car.

I was also wondering, with all of the hype of electric cars, why hasn't someone come out with an electric motorcycle? I am a daily rider, cause I like the experience and the 60+ miles per gallon is great on the wallet.

However, even though I am disappointed with my findings here, I am still grateful and eager to see the future that this company will definitely push for.


1. The Gen III vehicle that comes out after the Model X is supposed to be the "vehicle for the masses." You just need to wait, because the price of batteries isn't quite there yet.

2. Many people have come out with Electric Bikes. I am planning on getting the 2014 Zero S or Zero DS.
check out for the Zero line. for the Enertia, Empulse, and Empulse R. Then you have Mission motorcycles (with former Tesla employees) that make bikes.

I wonder if you have ever actually googled any of the questions you posed...

@goodkid26 - There are several electric motorcycles on the market already. Some of them pre-date the Model S (though none predate the Roadster AFAIK).

Brammo Enertia and Empulse:

Zero S, DS, FX, XU and MX:

Mission Motorcycles (any day now):

Though I understand everyone's ask for a cheaper version, let's remember that it takes time and engineering to make cheaper high quality vehicles. Quite a few inventions in the past started off as expensive and was later re-engineered for the masses after. The original car, internet, cell phones, personal computers, etc.

If you have been following Tesla announcements, you know a more "E"conomical model is on its way.

Sirs, the problem of cost of ownership, for me is as follows, for electric cars to become common and affordable someone must start the ball rolling, electric cars were tried in the early 1900's and failed because of battery technology and lack of electric sites. The rich are the only people who can afford to buy and finance these cars to prime the pump, remember the advantages of these cars are for reducing the pollutants in our environment. Notice I did not say eliminate, that is not possible. As more and more EV's are made and used , the acceptance of them will grow, when demand exceeds 2 million a year you will see the cost go down. All the automobile manufacturers are involved in this technology because they understand this will become the future, but they have a lot of money invested in the current tech and do not see immediate acceptance for an electric vehicle yet, look at what happened to GM's first electric car.
As to the life of Tesla's battery pack, I spoke to a engineer who told me the average life has exceeded their expectations, and at this point in time the actual failure time period is probably in excess of ten years. Think of what an improvement that is over the service life of the Prius or leaf.
I am hearing about new battery tech called lithium air, does any one have more information about it?


What does that have to do with the pricing on Model X again?

Compared to the S, "the price difference is a "low single digit percentage". And "...the Model X will only be offered as all-wheel-drive. So it'll be dual-motor all-wheel drive."

So what does "low single digit percentage" mean to people? For me, single digit, means 0-9%. And low means less than 5, since 5 is near the middle. So my guess is 4% based on the quote from Elon, but I don't really believe this since it sounds too low.

Is that a low single digit % over the current price or the price hike of the Model S scheduled for the end of the year?

My point is no one outside of Tesla really knows for sure.....


Wow, single digit means 0-9? Just blew my mind haha jk

No, I agree though, hopefully it means 5% or less, but 5% of $85,000 is $4250, so it doesn't seem that bad to me :)

Strictly speaking it could be argued that "0" is zero digit …

The genius of counting 0 as a digit is what made Arabic numbers possible, not to mention computers. Until they try to divide by it. ;)

Well, yes, but "0" is the zero digit and I don't think we should take that away from it … lumping it in with "1" like that … just doesn't seem right …

argh HTML end tags, my old nemesis!

type both tags at once, then the content between them. Foolproof, for most instances of fools.

To people who are saying the math doesn't add up, when you're buying a tesla you aren't just buying it because it's electric. Because it's electric and it is am amazing car. Personally I like the model s even more than the mercedes S63 and that's a difference of 125k+


You have to look at all the components of a vehicles from gas combustable to eletric. The mechanics and all that is under the "easy but expensive to replace list". That factors into all the savings. The Tesla logic is pay high but save later. Your paying a steep price for long-gevitey of the vehicle and resale value of it.

It never ceases to amaze me that people insist on using half-priced cars to "logically" debunk the advantages of the Model S or Model X.

The Model S and Model X are luxury vehicles. The payoff makes the most sense when you compare them to other luxury vehicles!

The Model S was not ever intended to be competitive with a Honda Civic, nor is the Model X intended to be competitive with a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Model S competes favorably with other full-size sedans - Audi A8, BMW 7 series, etc.

The Model X is going to compete, favorably, with other luxury SUVs - Audi Q7, BMW X7, etc.

However, because of the massive energy and maintenance savings, a Model S and Model X also compete favorably with the next lower price point. Over the life of the vehicle, the Model S total cost of ownership is on the same order of magnitude of a Ford Taurus (starts around $35k US), for example.

The Model X will probably compare fairly well to an AWD mid-sized SUVs because of the gas savings and lower maintenance.

As far as Model X pricing, it will have to be more expensive than the Model S - dual motor AWD, bigger vehicle with more stuff (more seats, etc.). There is absolutely no way that the Model X is going to be any less than at least 5% more, probably closer 10%, if Musk wants to maintain the high profit margins.

Shouldn't we get some kind of discount on the X if we already own a S model? :)
just saying......

Buy one, get one!

X7? Is that a new model? I must have missed it. ;-)

I to like this idea of a discount for model S owners not only is it good for us but it's good for Tesla in all sorts of ways

How 'bout a special MS trade-in allowance?

How exactly is it a good idea for Tesla?

The cost of battery is going down, I expect the price of Model X 12 months later would be lower than model s today.

Price of X will be greater than the S, manufacturers always charge more for "SUV" compared to sedan. AWD and perception, plus people are willing to pay more. That's why the traditional auto makers go bonkers over trucks and SUVs. Sell well and higher profit.

If you want a cheaper X, you'll have to wait for the ME-X.

I doubt that the Model X will be much more than the Model S. While costs may already have been reduced somewhat, I think Tesla wants the capture as wide a market as possible. While it is not likely for the Model X to cost [much] more than the Model S, it most likely will not be any cheaper either. I am glad I do not have a Sig reservation, because it does give me a little more time to think and make all the needed arrangements, such as selling my truck etc.

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