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Problems with Car

Took delivery 12/18. Worked great for 5 days. Then, lots of problems. Realized the paint on the hood is scratched and has blemishes (looks terrible). My NAV doesn't work (it shows Palo Alto and I live in Chicago). The chrome door pieces for front and rear driver doors were put on incorrectly and need to be reordered. And, this week the front door handle stopped working. I now need to roll down all the windows and open this car from the inside door handle! Tesla seems overwhelmed and unable to cope with all of these issues (I read on another side that others are having paint problems)

I am so frustrated with all of these problems. Had I known about this before I made a final order I never would've purchased this car. I wish I could take this car back to them now. Be forewarned.

Did ever post the pics of the "damage". Odd how he dropped off the forum. I for one would like to see what he considers to be the awful paint job on his car.

Why will you need to barrow it? It's not that heavy. ;p

I have limp windshield washer jets. The fluid barely makes it to the window. I have to check if the hoses are plugged or the pump needs to be primed.

Easy adjustment for the repair shop. I gave them a call and they did mine.

I had ro have the yaw sensor replaced about 10 days into ownership, but the Fremont Service Center did a good job.

Now I have discovered a crack on the windshield in the lower passenger corner, which is something a number of the earlier cars had. That will be replaced under warranty next week. I expect good service from Fremont again as the service advisor has been very accommodating on the phone about my issue so far.

He's going to round up some paint armor scraps for me to use for my CA carpool lane stickers that I hope to receive anytime now. I will apply them on the scraps and then put those on my car, so they are easy to remove in the future if I choose to do so (ie when they expire).

the vast majority of owners have no or very few minor issues. many of which even established brands (bmw, mb, etc) can have as well. there are a few people with major issues and that is unfortunate. but tm seems to be making every effort to rectify all the issues, it will just take a little time.

the poll is useful, but only if about 1000 more people (actual owners only please) vote, so please do:

I just got software v4.2 last night and now my sunroof works! I am looking forward to spring to actually use it - it's 15 deg F here in MN right now. Also looking forward to some kind of programmable or remote battery warmer. I have reduced performance and no regenerative braking for my entire 5 me drive home after work.

docdac, I feel your pain as I am in Iowa and have exactly the same issues. But what are you hoping to gain by preheating the batteries? More range? Alas I think preheating the batteries will only reduce your range. I have quickly gotten used to the no regen and limited accel. The limited accel is still better than most cars I have ever driven so really no loss there. And the no regen is really no different than driving an ICE vehicle.

I am more interested in getting the remote app to preheat the cabin so it is warm when I get to the car in the sub zero days.

Preheating the battery will not reduce your range unless your subsequent trip is too short to allow the battery to warm up to the temperature set by the preheating, or if the battery sits at the preheat temperature unnecessarily before being driven.

GettingAmped, I would like an explanation about how/why preheating the battery will not reduce your range. docdac was talking about a car sitting in the parking lot all day (as mine does) and not having regen available so where is the preheating going to come from if not the battery? And if it is coming from the battery how is that not going to reduce range? Unless we have discovered the perpetual free power answer! If so I think I would preheat my batteries long enough that the charge goes up. Of course I am being sarcastic with that remark.

The energy that warms the battery driving is the same as sitting in the parking lot before leaving. Only, as GAS notes, if you're holding it warm longer than necessary before use will you waste energy overall.

Note that the Wh/mi figure on starting will be low, in the normal range, for a preheated battery, but about 600 for a cold one. Same amount of energy, from the same source (battery). 600 of one, half a dozen hundred of the other.

I want to preheat the battery so that it is at standard operating temperature when I use it. I am not sure what 'wear and tear' there is for the battery when the battery is very cold and forced to put out significant power. The 'yellow lines' limit what we can draw when it is cold, possibly because forcing a larger draw from a cold battery is bad for it, and may reduce it's life. I know the battery is designed to be used at a relatively constant temperature, and I would prefer not to continuously operate it at a significantly colder temp.
As far as regenerative braking, I just really like it, and would prefer to use it, instead of stepping on the brake pedal. Of course, I can adapt.

I'm re-posting a portion of the response from Ted M., a Product Planner at TM:

A future software release will introduce a full schedule for your Model S including timed charging, ready times and perhaps even vehicle behavior settings based on ambient temperature, calendar dates or other factors. Since the mobile app is not yet available, reducing charge current to finish charging just before planned use is the easiest way to ensure the battery is at operating temperature when you want to use it. As you mention, it is slightly less efficient, since chargers are most efficient at their max capacity, but less active cooling is needed at lower current charging so there's a tradeoff.

I emailed Ted today to clarify if the Ready Time feature is included in the mobile app and not just the car software. We need to be able to pre-warm both the cabin and the battery whether the car is plugged in or not. Both of those events are going to use the same amount of energy whether the car is stationary or being driven, unless they are "ready" too long before you get in the car, or your trip is too short that one or both events don't have time to complete.

Hopefully the Ready Time feature has a user-defined timeout in case you are delayed getting to your S, or it eventually it will be cold and DOA!

Here is Ted's response to my last query:

Yes – you'll be able to precondition the car using the app, even when the car is disconnected form a power source.


He has also told me the mobile app will be ready within two weeks, so it's not long before you get a warm cabin, realistic range calcs, and immediate regen, even if you live in Iowa!

This is really going to make people happy and I think this forum helped get it done, as it definitely is a Brian H. NNIC issue.

Santa Monica pick-up 12/17
5 weeks, 2000+ miles
NO problems!! P85 loaded w/o rear seats!
I want to take it everywhere I go!

Wassamatah? Doncha like kids? >:(

My P85 has about 1500 miles after about 3 weeks. Finding a lot of reasons to drive. Just loaded the 4.2 release. I am all praise for Tesla and no problems to speak of.

Regular 85W, almost all options except premium sound. Delivered Dec 8, 2012. Lots of little problems. Except for the phone, none are deal breakers.

- Rear trunk slightly misaligned, not a big deal. Tesla says will fix.
- Inability to connect Verizon Samsung flip phone. Phone sees car, car cannot connect to phone. ATT iPhone 5 can be connected, but ATT signal is bad where I live.
- AC noise rumble, inconsistent, worse on low speed.
- Noisy windshield wiper, especially in heavy rain.
- Windshield spray weak and aim is low.
- Charge rate from Nema 14-50 always between 20-24 miles/hour on the big screen. Why not 31? Or even 27 (multiply 31 by 0.8)
- Charge port does not open reliably. Many other people report this problem.
- Screen can go dark in bright sun.
- Key fob does not open trunk reliably.
- "since last charge" does not reset about 1/3 of time. This is true on 4.1, and on 4.2 software.
- Lose charge even when alseep. Have lost as much as 8 miles of range in 10 hours. This was under 4.1.
- Odometer froze twice. Fixed with reboots.
- Rear camera useless in rain, numerous other reports similar experience.

that charge rate reading may be wrong. Check totals, not "instantaneous" rate.

Phone issue: I have connectivity with my iPhone 3 gs and model S version 4.2. The problem is when I make a call they cannot hear me but I can hear them just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

The real-life experiences of those, in freakin cold climates, is invaluable. Thank you!
Those of us in the south (Arizona, in my case) are ignorant and dreading the implications of 110f degree temperatures in the shade, plus running the battery-powered AC at full-blast while driving across the ARIZONA DESERT (I.E., DEATH).

There is another side of this coin, we haven't seen yet.

(60kWh, no freakin glass roof...)

New thread...

Took delivery of my Model S Performance 5 days ago. It's an awesome car and overall I'm pleased with the purchase, but I am having some problems that I hope Tesla can fix quickly. The most serious issue is that the doors aren't working properly. At first the driver side rear door would not open from the outside, and now it doesn't open at all. Today the front passenger door stopped working from the outside. The handles extend, but the little light in the handle is not on, and they don't open the door. Does anybody know what the problem might be?

Also the car was delivered covered in dust and had a scratch on the roof. I also have the condensation problem in the rear reflectors that others have mentioned. The ranger is supposed to be coming out in three days to address these issues. I'll see how helpful they are.

@andychen1 - the handle issue will probably require replacing the handles, based on what others have said in other posts.

The scratch on the roof is obviously unacceptable and TM needs to take the car back and fix it.

I think the condensation issue is "works as designed" unfortunately.

@DeborahS - I've heard of several others who had this same issue and had a faulty mic replaced in their car.

Other than that, not sure if it's an iOS issue since you mentioned you are on a 3GS which probably has a bit dated iOS. Perhaps you can try it with someone else's newer device just to see if the behavior is the same?

I took delivery on Thursday. The only issues I saw were as follows:
1) Hood defect (likely in the stamping process)
2) trunk is not properly aligned

Tesla said they would take car of it but the hood defect is not a good one. Basically the nose of the hood where it meets the passenger side headlight was not molded properly. It sticks out a little rather than follow the lines downward to meet the grill. Clearly a stamping issue. The big concern is that likely since they stamp these hoods in batches, there are many other hoods out there with this same defect.

Has anyone else notice this hood defect?

The other concern is that they talked to me about one potential option of taking it to a collision center to fix my brand new 100k car. Unacceptable.

Ball is in Tesla's court to remedy the problems.

Do we have to accept the car with defects if they are noticed at delivery?

I am expecting my 85P this month...

There is a slight asymmetry to my hood, but only noticeable if you are looking for it.

I don't believe you have to but I would call HQ and ask that question. These cars are supposed to be inspected for these issues before they arrive. Seems like the inspection is light at best.

Look for irregular gaps etc. If I could do it over again, I would have had them take it back to reinspect and deliver the car perfect before taking delivery.


So did you ever get these problems fixed? I don't see any word from you.

nickJ - I would say something to tesla service.

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