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Production Cars Arriving in April

I hope I did not mishear and am going to get this wrong, but I believe I heard a Tesla sales rep say today that the DC store expects to have a production Model S on permanent display starting in April. Test drives start in June with priority for reservation holders. I was in such a hurry due to work and sitting in the white Beta had me pretty distracted. Hopefully someone can confirm (or quash quickly, so we do not get our hopes up).

Just received an email from TM that they will have all four Model S Signature colors on display in Santana Row on March 17th and 18th. They said that all of the Signature paint lines are up and running. They also said that the new Design Studio will be unveiled at that time. Exciting stuff! I'm S566.

PS: Not sure whether these will be the production ready cars since they said that they are in the process of painting more Betas. But they must be getting close.

I got the same email and plan on checking it out!

"that they will have all four Model S Signature colors on display"
Did they say cars or colors?

Meaning they could bring (portions of) car doors rather than full vehicles.

I was told first deliveries in July, here in Newport Beach.

The email had a photo of the grey, black, sig red and I forgot what the 4th was

4th was pearl white I believe


Join us March 17th & 18th as we bring together all four Model S Signature colors for the very first time. To celebrate, Tesla Santana Row will unveil our new Model S Design Studio, so bring a friend to help design your Model S. 

Not only is this a historic moment for Tesla Santana Row, but it's a HUGE milestone for the Tesla Factory. The Signature paint lines are up and running! Our robots are hard at work painting more Betas and perfecting the process before production starts.

Deliveries are just around the corner and we can't wait to share the excitement with you. Stop by anytime. You won't want to miss this event - and there might even be a few extra surprises."

No word on cars or just color swatches

In the note BYT posted, the "x" in "extra surprises" was in red... hmmm...

A Tesla person in the Bellevue store confirmed that the Santana Row event would have 4 Sig Model S vehicles. The presence of the X was neither confirmed nor denied. Proof it was a Tesla person. Have to keep us guessing about something, right?

That would be great to see all 4 sig colors together. For me, that would be the way to pick the color I wanted.

I plan on being there. Driving in all the way from Missouri. Major road trip,but planning on being there Sunday. Hope to see some of my fellow reservation holders, finally.

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