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proposed EV tax in NJ

Yobigd20 posted the following on TMC forum:

We must all write the honorable senator Jim Whelan to complain at 511 Tilton Rd. Northfield, NJ 08225

Ph: (609) 383-1388

Instead of encouraging EV , this bill actually charges EV owners more than ICE drivers for road upkeep. We all know that money is never going to get to its intended target...instead it goes into a nebulous slush fund with zero accountability. With all the money they collect from taxes and tolls, our roads should be a smooth as glass.

The current proposal has EV owners keeping logs of the miles driven per year. I suppose we will have to distinguish which miles were in NJ versus out of state etc etc. What a headache!

I think they should raise the gas tax because ICE drivers are still not paying their fair share to:
1) clean up the air they are fouling
2) pay the cost of our oil wars
3) fix up the roads and bridges in this state that were falling apart long before the first EV hit nj's roads.

Go to Governor Christies website and ask him to denounce the bill.

The state senator also has a facebook page

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