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PS3 Gran Turismo 6, Model S

I got my copy and have been pounding on my new digital Model S like only in my dreams. It's a Signature Performance and I made it with the Opti-coat Pearl White to match our real one. The in car view is spot on, and the part that really gets me is the center console has the web browser pulled up with website displayed! It's the only car that's going to have that on the console! When you jump in a car, it always has the 'starting' sound. Most cars have an engine firing up, but I laughed when the Model S has the airbag compressor kicking on as it brings the car to the correct ride height. It's the only sound it makes! LOL. The driving sounds are just as they should be too. The wind roar picks up around 100, and you hear the hushed tire noise. I've been kicking butt on any race I can enter it in, but it has trouble on the long tracks due to its limited 135 top speed, but I get them in the twistys with superior handling and unmatched torque out of the corners!
It's good fun! They nailed it!

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