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Push brands to reach their full potential go all in

Now is the tmie you have the $ go all in
Get all the Superchargers up TODAY " )

Waiting makes the heart grow fonder. >*)

That sounds great. I think Tesla is having a harder time purchasing the property and permitting than installing the superchargers. They just got approval from the town in Normal, IL to install up to ten.

For some reason everyone thinks you can just take your equipment and install it anywhere you want. There is a thing called a 'permit'.

You may never see a supercharger in the St. Louis or St. Louis county area if there is no UL sticker on it. Anyone notice a UL sticker on the charge stations? I'm not saying it's not UL listed but just because the individual chargers are listed doesn't mean the assembly is listed.

@Brian H But i need to get to disneyworld soon from toronto lol and its good for TSLA BIG TIME

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