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Range in Real World Situations

I have been reading many of the posts, magazine articles and the XCTesla blog to try and figure how far I can drive the car between charges. I live in California and make frequent trips up the coast. With a 65 MPH speed limit, I would drive the car at 70MPH on the freeway with Air Conditioning on. Can anyone shed some light based on there experience of the range of the Model S

I generally don't drive that fast and haven't taken any long trips yet. But I have built a spreadsheet based on Tesla published data that predicts about 220 miles for your conditions with no elevation change if you drove the car down to 0 miles remaining (not recommneded). My spreadsheet seems to match my real world experience so far + or - 10%.

There's a very nice interactive range calculator in the Tesla showrooms that lets you input your speed, outside temperature (to take into account heating or AC needs), and even your mix of City/Hwy use. It sure would be nice to have it on the this web site but I haven't been able to find it. I wouldn't mind stopping in and running a few scenarios for you if you post them and tell me what battery you're getting.

I'd be working on about 200 miles usable range at your specs with an 85Kwh battery. The LA to San Fran run is almost certainly going to be the site of the first supercharger, hints from Elon suggest it is already in place and he has been using it for this exact commute. In which case you should be able to add 150 miles to that range with a 30 min stop.

Sounds like Flex lives in Sacramento.

I'm in Rocklin and for those trips I figure I *could* go to SF and back on a single charge but would likely drop by a good charger in SF while parked then drive home.

San Jose is a bit longer and absolutely would require getting 50 miles of charge somewhere. I like stopping in Davis for dinner, so that could work. Or Vacaville. I'm definitely making both trips in the next 3 months, so I guess I'll find out then.

Superchargers are now in Folsom, Gilroy, Harris Ranch, Tejon Ranch, LA, & Barstow.

I don't know Tejon Ranch is, but I'm encouraged by seeing one at Folsom. That hopefully means Tesla is going to place them on U.S. highways and not just interstates. I'm hoping they get one at Bishop so you can go down 395 from Reno and over to Barstow.

Edit. Insert where between know and Tejon.

Where is the Folsom supercharger?

R&B and Jason S;
Do the 6 SCs in place now change your driving habits/plans?

@ Brian H - SCs won't change our everyday driving habits. But, the Harris Ranch location will make it much easier to get to the San Francisco Bay Area which we do once or twice a year.

On another thread, someone mentioned the Folsom SC is at the Premium Outlets (perhaps in the parking lot near Iron Point Road).

Tejon is near the "grapevine" in southern California (just west of Bakersfield). The Grapevine is a steep upward climb (southbound). The was speculation that Tejon meant the SC would be at the base of the Grapevine. However, Tejon is technically at the top of the Grapevine.


Was that you quoted in the NY Times this morning? :)

@ DouglasR - No, that wasn't us.

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