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Really? Possibly one of the world's most expensive Charging cable hanger...

Sadly, my Carrera 4 is nothing more than a charging cable holder, that is until I get around to selling it.
That car WAS my fun car. The Model S is now the everything car... including fun!

Sorry I for the life of me cannot figure how to embed the image....

That is one nice holder. Is this the S Sanford that I met up in Mendocino a few weeks back?

@jonlivesay Sorry to say no. I'm east coast...

Lulz. Awesome.

As lovely as the cars are, it's definitely time to organize that garage. ;)

jeffaa - Yeah, place is a wreck. I'm going to get to it, but with a 5 and 7 year old and new school year just started, there are other priorities

+1 LOL

Your garage looks a lot like mine, except I have a full width un-accessable work bench under the trash---trash that continues to accumulate. If I get to the garage to start a clean-up; somehow I can always invent a reason that I have to run an errand in the Model S

+1 Dr.Bob

How does the steering and handling of the carrera compare to the model s?

jeffaa-We cleared out our garage while the car was being built, it was a great distraction while waiting.Neighbors say we have the most organized garage they've ever seen...haha

DC@Tesla | September 13, 2013 new

How does the steering and handling of the carrera compare to the model s?

Just drove the Carrera after about 6 weeks of having only driven the MS. The S steering on Comfort and Standard is less heavy than the 911 C4. If you go to sport, it's pretty close.

I found the 911 heavy feeling and not nearly as enjoyable. I'm stunned. I have been a Porschephile for the past 15 years.

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