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Rearview Camera Reflection on the rearview mirror

How about installing an HD screen in the shape of a mirror instead of rearview mirror.

I'm guessing that's a no-no regulation-wise. For the same reason you can't have camera images for side mirrors. Personally I think that would rock however!

My mirrors still work when my camera lens is wet and not usable.

I saw this on a concept cars. It seems to me it's a future.

Complete with zoom.

I use both the camera and the mirror routinely now.
I'm liking having more info to work with. I find the camera image somewhat disorienting without having another point of reference.

I would be quite concerned about the amount of light emitted from another display when driving at night. Sometimes I wish I could turn the 17" display off.

The e-tron's concept interior looks really cramped after being spoiled by the Model S interior.

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