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Today is March 2nd. Hopefully TM started producing Red Color Tesla S. Please whoever gets any information on a first production, please post.

Just pushed the button.
Says April 11 -- 24.
Heh heh.

Got my 'time to plan delivery'button today, 7544, window of April13-27, Dallas. Planning to take delivery at the service center here. Wonder if it will be the first Red in Texas??

Heard a rumor that Red reservees are camping out in front of the Santana Row store to get first glimpse tomorrow.

Went to the private opening of the new store in Santana Row today (only Tesla owners invited), and the Red was simply stunning.

It isn't screaming Ferrari red, yet not as subdued as the Signature Red. Pictures cannot capture the color accurately at all (mine or the ones I have seen in the gallery).

Really worth the wait. Best. Red. Ever.


There's a discussion on red over at TMC. Someone posted pics from Santana Row, but it's actually the same car that's been on tour and not a production line vehicle.

Hoping to see the real PRODUCTION RED in the next week. Can't wait

Just received our Delivery button this morning! April 17 - May 1 delivery. Can't wait for our Red!

What's your res# (or finalize date) Altg80r?

@Bperry01 - #6,574 85kWh Multi-coat Red, Grey leather, Obeche Matte, Pano, 19", Air, Tech

@Bperry01 - and Finalize date 12/3/12



HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delivery button!!!!!!
Delivery April 26- May 10
Standard 85kW
Active Air Suspension
19inch wheels
Tech Package
Seattle Area-Issaquah

Also just received delivery button. We too are in Issaquah, WA with delivery window April 26 - May 10.

Just got our delivery button. !!!!! Delivery window 24 Apr - 8 May in Northern Virginia. 85kWh, Pano, 19", Grey Leather, Obeche Wood Gloss, Tech, Sound, Active Air. Finalize date 1/3/13.

The one good thing about ordering "make me wait red" is that it have me a chance to upgrade to the performance plus package. And now my status says that the order will be delivered to the factory on April 15. Yay.

My initial excitement about the REDs finally being delivered was fading... until tonight!!! I just got my delivery button. Delivery window is April 19th - May 3rd. 60kWh, Pano, 19", Black Leather, Obeche Matte, Tech, Sound, Active Air. Reservation #6447. Finalize date 12/9/12

I sure hope it comes on the 19th (that's my birthday).

Ok April 26th - May 10th

Got the Delivery button

85KWh, red, tan, obeche gloss, pano, tech, air

Res #160XX

Now the longest wait begins!!!

finalized 1/15/13
What a rush.....
Imagine when it arrives.
85KWH, tan int, obeche gloss, pano, tech, sound, air...

We should all have a Red Tesla League of our own
(apologies to Arthur Conan Doyle)

A Performance Plus Red is a hot item ...

Delivery Button for 10,307 today!! (finalized 12/11/12)

April 12th through April 26th
Delivery to the Seattle Service Center


Waiting to get that delivery button for my beautiful RED PERFORMANCE PLUS 85KWH fully loaded tesla model S. If I don't get this car soon and they still keep coming out with options to add on the car I am going to end up paying 200K + for it, LOL

Got another email from Dani S., a delivery specialist yesterday. I provided my Driver's License, Insurance and factory pick-up date.

Got a call from her this morning, and finalized the final MVPA (signed over email via DocuSign). I have a VIN number now and my tentative factory pick-up date is Saturday 4/13 at 11am.

She also mentioned that the date will need to be confirmed next week, since the factory was shutdown for retooling and will begin production again on Monday.

Maybe I'll see some of you at the factory on 4/13. :)

PS : Updated the spreadsheet as well.

RN327xxx on 2/3/13 (reservation 18,8xx)
MVPA signed 2/11/13
Just called DS and got delivery button 4/5/13.
Factory pickup window 5/3-5/17 (she says more like 2nd week in May).

85 (non Perf), red, black, obeche gloss, 19 ", tech, active air, NO pano or sound studio.

@AnnK, @Saxena I am #9731 and from the seattle area still waiting for my delivery button. Why are they ignoring me!!!

Just got the delivery button. April 24 - May 5. Res 314xxx, seq 123xx. Configured last Dec. P85, red, tech, pano, air, twin, no 3rd child seats. It is going to be a spring to remember!

Got my delivery button last night. April 26 - May 10. Sequence number 13704. Installed my NEMA 14-50 this morning. All set!......

No button, and I am order # 884! Called the Bellevue store; learned that they can see a button on their side, even though IE8 doesn't show it in my Explorer window. They worked through the survey with me, and confirmed I am batched in the delivery window of April 26 to May 10.

Makes for a better weekend...

That's what you get for using an oldie von moldie proprietary non-compliant browser.

Looks like the reds are starting to flow like the Hudson River now. Just got my delivery button. 85P, Pano, Sound, Air, Obeche Gloss, Tech. Finalized 12/6/12. Window 4/19 - 5/3. Whooo Hoooo!!!

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