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Red or Blue?

We have had a number of purchaser polls asking about our age, our demographics, our location, etc. I have been quite curious about our politics, but I worried that a controversial subject like politics (or religion?) might be unwelcome. However, a couple of threads have now broken the ice by discussing the presidential debates and government tax policies. And we are, after all, entering the Silly Season. So I thought I'd ask: are you a tree-hugging liberal, a fat-cat conservative, or a wishy-washy independent? Do you favor Obama, Romney, or someone else? Please keep the commentary and argument to a minimum. I'm really just trying to get an idea of how we compare to the population at large. Non-US purchasers are welcome to vote.

I'll start:

I'm a Democrat favoring Obama.

At last, Romney releases his tax plan:

I am a true independent and haven't fully decided who I will vote for next week. In fact, I am of the mindset that both of the candidates might do a pretty decent job as President (which is something I haven't thought in the recent past).

That being said, I don't see how my purchase of a Model S has anything to do with my party affiliation or political views. Even if I think that one party or the other does not care one bit about clean energy or EVs, that is not the only issue we face as a Country, so I would never place my vote based on a single issue.

I also do not understand how politics seem to polarize and anger so many people. Look at any political thread, including this one, and you will quickly observe how even logical, intelligent and educated people become vitriolic when "discussing" politics. Why and how do we let these politicians and political parties get under our skin so much?

Here's hoping that whoever gets elected next week will be the best President we have ever had (regardless of whether or not I voted for him).

Sorry, but I wish these political type discussions were in the General forum not the Model S forum! @DouglasR maybe you could move this thread over to the General forum?

Jbunn, are you serious, or just being a democrat? We are out of Iraq, with 17,ooo. Troops there.. We are trying to get out of Afganistan... You must be kidding. What in the world are we trying to do? Is this the same as watching the Ambassador get murdered in Libya, - and stopping anyone from helping rescue these brave Americans......

@Alex K,

Sorry, but this thread was intended to poll Model S purchasers. The General forum would not reach that audience.

I did specifically ask, however, that commentary and argument be kept at a minimum. The idea was to get a sense of how Model S purchasers compare politically to the general population, much the way others have polled for age, demographics, current automobile, and reasons for buying. Given the topic, I suppose that was too much to hope for.

Douglas, We are bored and fidegting, waiting for our cars...

Mel, If you're interested in lableing me, insulting me, or trying to get up an argument, I'm not interested. If you'd like to fact check me, Please, by all means procede. And when the topic turns to Libya I'll be happy to discuss that, but you better make sure you have your facts on that one, and I can already tell you don't.

Jbunn, I thought we were having a discussion.. I did not insult you, I will not respond to your comments in the future. I have enjoys your thoughts, and posts .. I would like to hear your take on Libya.

Perhaps it's me, but I found "Jbunn, are you serious, or just being a democrat?" to be mocking. Especialy for those here that may be democrats.

OK, fair enough, I accept that, and thank you in return. Not sure if these other guys want us to take it outside by now. Or you can let me buy you a beer... : )

Libya? It's very sad. Embasy work is difficult and state department officials work under difficult conditions, often in troubled parts of the world. For all countries combined, they have suffered 46 embassy attacks in the last 10 years. For the US alone, we have had 23 embassies attacked in the last 30 years.

Christopher Stephens was a great friend to Libya, and they recognize that. Over the next two weeks, protests like the one in Libya on September 21st helped disarm many militas.

4 people died in that attack. 7 Libyans were injured trying to help. Stephens was found and taken to the hospital where Libyans worked on him for two hours to revive him.

The state department people were nearby with M4s and the CIA came in from a mile away, but they were massivly outguned by that time. To say we stood by watching while Americans were murdered is a disservice to the Americans and Libyans that did come to assist that night.

But my personal take away from all this is it's really sad, it's a loss to us and it's a loss to them, and there are lots of crazy people out there. You can get your ass shot off in a movie theater or school these days. Or half way around the world.

I would vote Blue (like my Roadster) rather than Red (like our Signature Model S) if I had to choose Blue v. Red. However, I don't (because my state will go blue) so I voted for the Modern Whig Party candidate since i really don't want either one of them.

It's not you; it's poor etiquette pure and simple
A common consequence of too many hours spent listening to the fat man behind the golden microphone

Every embassy in a danger zone has Marine guards. Except Libya. The men who were killed were there by accident, on other business, and went in to the rescue against orders.

The stench will not wash off, this time.

ak-tually55 nice link! I was wondering about that one

I'm violating my own rule, but the Benghazi attack was on a consulate, not an embassy. I don't know what the security policy is for consulates in a danger zone.

If you want to see that EV electric infrastructure, And get off the oil company's tread-mill, you better vote for the blue guy that brung you this far. Remember that Romney braggs that the Energy loan to Tesla was a waste.

Ironically, Tesla applied for the loan during the Bush Administration.

Let's say that the candidate you are supporting belongs to the other party ... So, let's assume that Obama is a Rep and Romney is a Dem. Assume that this is a Rep presidency and a Dem is challenging it.

No, really, really, really picture it.

Would you still be holding the same views about the person, the state of the country, the consulate attack? Would your support for/arguments against Pres. Obama be the same or would they waver?

Be honest in your answer. If you are honest and can see beyond red or blue, then that's a good thing.

~ Prash.

The anti-science, anti-education, anti-women, pro-superstition stance that the one party is taking is enough to prevent me from ever voting that way. I really don't believe that humanity can survive a new dark age. (The world will be just fine). What we need are more visionaries like Elon Musk and fewer hucksters.

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