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Reference Marks on Back Up Camera

I have had several vehicles with a reverse camera. My favorite was on Ford's F-150 trucks. It had lines so you knew where they edges of your vehicle lined up on the screen, it had green, yellow, and red, marks on those lines so you had a relative idea how near the rear of your vehicle was to another object. (also had a dotted center line to line up a trailer hitch, not applicable on S, but maybe for X)

The reverse camera on my Model S is fantastic, but there are not any kind of reference marks, can this be updated?

Lots of requests for and speculation about this, but silence from Tesla.

In another thread, which I can't find now, someone mentioned having asked a Tesla engineer about this at the TESLIVE gathering. The engineer indicated there were hardware problems (presumably doing an overlay on an analog video feed) that need to be figured out, but they are aware and working on it.

the video feed from the HD camera is analg? Really? In this digital day and age?

The HD camera is only on the tech package. It's a standard def camera in the non-tech cars. I don't know what the feed is but I would guess it's digital on both.

If it were, doing an overlay should be a piece of cake. But I'm only guessing. Maybe it's some other issue.

HD or SD both are digital.

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