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Remote garage opener

Does the Tesla S have a built in remote for garage door openening? If yes is it compatible worldwide?

For that, you earn a standing wave ("good-bye!"). >:p

I accept that.

I worked with TM engineering to debug the Homelink problem for my car. It is due to signal transmission timing from the Model S for some, but not all, garage door openers. It tends to occur more frequently with older openers. TM engineering took over my car remotely to debug the problem.

They reprogrammed signal timing and found that 6 second signal duration works well with my configuration. A software fix is in the works and will be included in a subsequent release of the software.

If you're curious, this was discussed briefly in this report over at TMC:

I can not believe how fantastic Tesla is.. Does anyone know of another car company that would go the extra mile that Tesla did over a garage door opener?

Just the fact that they can remotely control the car is pretty impressive! What used to take the time to take your car into the shop and wait for a diagnosis by a tech can now be done remotely from an engineer in another state. Pretty remarkable if you ask me...

I pointed my remote towards the front bumper from all sorts of angles, and it wasn't until I pointed in the direction off to one side of and behind the front license plate holder that the headlights flashed signaling the acceptance of the remote that everything seemed to work. Perhaps there is a metal shield on the license plate holder that blocks the infrared signal from passing through.

Is the remote infrared? I would think it's RF.

Yes, can't be IR; any opaque material would block it.

And it is in fact RF simply because it's homelink.

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