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Rental car convinced me: I'm all electric forever!

I've had my Signature for ten weeks now. Had to drop it at the service center to get an odd loss-of-navigation fix done, and they gave me a nice rental car - an Altima.

Driving back from Fremont to SF, I realized that I never, EVER want to drive a gasoline car again. Why? Biggest first reason: When you take your foot off the accelerator, it KEEPS GOING! My Tesla regenerates and brakes. In the Altima I found myself running up the back of people ahead of me and having to use a lot of -- horrors! -- braking.

I didn't have my usual acceleration and handling, but bottom line was the thrill of regenerative braking. I hope they only need my car overnight!


I would guess in a few months they will have more 'spare' MS to use as loaners... I am thinking of the Model S's that get damaged during delivery and replaced with a newly made MS, the damaged ones can be fixed (damaged panels replaced) like new and used as loaners or reservation holders who at the last minute have to cancel due to job loss... Sure these can be resold to later reservation holders with the same specs, but if it is not a popular configuration then use as a loaner would be optimal...

I think they need to up 2013 production to at least 25,000; most will be pre-sold but need a few for the lot, loaners, fleet sales. I wonder if they have a purchase program for employees yet? That would sell 2,000 more easily... One worker laughs to his friend when he sees a newer worker... "Yeah that's the guy with the ICE car! Really! what a loser..." Hmmm does the Tesla Factory have a Supercharger site yet? All the prime parking spots reserved for Teslas only... Was shocked to see a number of GMs and even japanese cars parked in the employee lot at Ford's worldwide HQ...

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