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Renting / Borrowing a tesla in PA to Big Sur

Ok, this may be a dumb question but I wanted to know if there was any way to rent a tesla (prefer model s but roadster ok) for a weekend in Big Sur.

I'm a models S res holder but haven't configured yet as the wife still isn't convinced. We're going to take a long weekend in Big Sur in May and I couldn't think of a better time and place to drive around with her. I think once she spends a couple of days with the car and sees that range anxiety isn't an issue and the performance etc of the vehicle she might finally sign off on pulling the trigger.

I saw a few sites where you can rent / share the car for $25 an hour but I was looking for something a little more long term.

Three days at the post ranch inn and driving around in an MS might just be the nail in the coffin I need.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. does private rentals by owners, and has various Roadsters listed. Check with them if they have any prospects for the Model S in the works.

Or just appeal here and TMC, ask if any owners can be bribed to spare their car then. Could work.

Don't know of any rental co.s with the Model S, but you might ask. Maybe one is on the "list".

Hertz supposedly has a Roadster for rent somewhere in LA. It isn't on the normal rental website but you might be able to call around within Hertz and find it.

I would consider exchanging cars. By chance, do you drive an Aston Martin Rapide?

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