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Replace incandescent rear license plate lights with LEDs

Anyone tried this?

Seems like it might be a good idea. The LEDs are brighter, last longer, and use less power. Not sure why Tesla wouldn't have used LEDs to begin with. Seems like a rather non-invasive upgrade. Anyone see any downside?

Mine are fine after 8 months. Seems strange that they would not be included on a car with LED's everywhere else. Best dirt cheap upgrade so far...


The car already has several hundred LED’s already, four more should not make any difference.

My eBay LED replacements still good at 5 months. Dave, BTW, I assume that TM buys the license plate lamp assemblies as is from an OEM (?Mercedes) supplier pre-lamped with incandescent lamps. Obviously no urgency for them to reengineer/refit these with LEDs, even though there is an esthetic issue.

Are LEDs legal for license plates in all states? I know a few have very strict guidelines for the color temperature of the license plate lights. I wonder if this stems from that. Otherwise, the already shared parts hypothesis seems like the most likely scenario.

Voltage? Water leaks? Installation errors?

Brian H: it does seem to suggest over voltage. In fact the resistors on the led modules seemed blacked on some. Ill do a voltage check this weekend and report back. No evidence of water leaks. I'm pretty sure my installation was decent :)

One of my two eBay LED replacements failed after a month. Replaced with one I bought on All good for last 4 months.

TeslaTap's link to the eBay search is broken and when I try searching "1W LED," it's a mess. Does anyone have a better eBay link?

My tesla isn't here yet, and I'm already shopping accessories! Yeah, I guess I'm one of the obsessed fans.
I picked up
"Super Bright White LED License Plate Lights 1.5" Festoon 6418 C5W 1 WATT" from ebay. $5.99 with free shipping.

Should get these the same day as my car, I hope.

I just upgraded my lights and it looks much better. Very easy to do and highly recommended.

@stevenmaifert - thanks for the note. I've removed eBay (which is always difficult to reference long term) and replaced it with a link to the LED on Amazon.

Note there are plenty of other good sources both in Amazon and eBay, and the prices with shipping are often similar.

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