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Requiem for my M5

I took delivery of my MS two weeks ago today (P85) and have put about 900 miles on it. Today I dropped her off to get a saran-wrap paint protection applied and drove away in my M5, which I had not driven once in the past two weeks.

It was a sad day for me. I love my M5, and until now had never driven anything that came close. But, alas, all day today driving was like watching a beloved athlete stay one season too long, or the Champion defend the title once too many times. I was honestly appalled at how sluggish the car felt, how unresponsive, how OLD.

And yet, in reality it is the same fire-breathing, naturally aspirated V10 monster it was last month. The car hasn’t changed.

But the world has.

Electric is coming, world, you have been warned ;)

I completely agree with you Docjay, I had the same feeling of disappointment, no ICE compares to the MS.

The crapbox Nissan Altima Enterprise gave me while TM worked on my car this week sure
was an amazing contrast :)

Sitting in the MS: "Objects in rearview mirror (those ICE cars) are much farther behind than they appear"

Now that you're tuned to notice the slight hesitations and lags ...

Your training by MS has begun!


Very true! I have driven the M5 many times and its ridiculous how Model S out handles it so effortlessly.
Best sedan on the planet, can't wait!

Docjay - As one former BMW owner to another, I feel your grief. It's like putting your dog down - sad but necessary, lets it slip away painlessly to where it belongs.

Model S +1

+1 cattledog.

I will be bidding goodbye to my beloved 325i. Nimble, light, beautifully proportioned, and outclassed by this upstart. I almost hated it and loved it the same time, after the tet drive. I mean, there is 1200 lbs difference between my BMW and the Tesla. WTF.

Test drive, typo....

SMG Lag is one thing I will not miss from my E60 M5. Now the seats and sound system well...

+1 Cattledog,

Very apt analogy. That is exactly what it feels like.The King is dead, long live the King!

Chris, yes, I would trade seats in a heartbeat but who cares! The performance and the cost to operate are so over the top I would sit on an apple crate. :)

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