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Reservation Fee?

I've been searching for awhile for the answer to a question I'm sure has been asked a hundred time: what happens to the reservation fee? Is it deducted from the price of the car? The down payment? Go toward the delivery fee? Is it gone? Something else?

Back in March when I got my car they were deducting it from the final price of the car.

It's part of your payment.

Both of those answers sound conflicting to me, I don't understand. One sounds like the car price gets reduced by 2.5k (and thus taxes are a little lower) and the other makes it sound like you just owe 2.5k less at delivery without a price change to the car.

I'm gathering on a 70k car, you'll only owe Tesla 67.5k and you'll pay tax on the 70k price.

Would be nice if they lowered the price by 2.5k and you saved yourself that $225 in taxes and about $17 in title fees (if in CA).

It's a down payment toward the purchase price of the car. As required by law, you pay sales tax on the total purchase price.

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