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Retrofits and Upgrades to the Model S

I’ve added a new section to the TeslaTap modifications section for all the retrofits and upgrades that Tesla Motors offers to existing cars. It includes applicability, details and pricing. See:
These retrofits currently include:

• 40 to 60 kWh Battery Upgrade
• 60 to 85 kWh Battery Upgrade
• P85 to P85+ Retrofit
• Center Console Retrofit
• Fog Lights Upgrade
• Headlights – Halogen to Xenon HID
• Navigation Retrofit
• Parking Sensors
• Power Folding Side Mirrors Retrofit
• Rear Facing Seats Retrofit
• Red Brake Calipers
• Supercharging Upgrade
• Textile Seats with Memory and Heaters
• Titanium Underbody Shield Retrofit
• Twin Charger Retrofit

If you know of other retrofits that Tesla offers, I’ll add them too.

List updated: 29-Mar-2014

As I understand it Rear Facing seats CANNOT be retrofitted. There was a small period where if you ordered them and didn't get them they would add them but that is no longer abvailable.

You can add rear cup holders? Super charger use?

Yes. I had new front textile seats retrofitted to my 1/2/13 delivered car. the initial textile seats delivered in the 2012 early deliveries came without seat heaters, lumbar support adjustments, etc. The retrofitted seats also required installig missing elecrical hardware equivalent to what is currently delivered in 2013/2014 textile seats.

+1 christurbeville
I also remember no retrofits for the rear-facing seats because they need the added reinforced to the rear bumper, which can only be done when the car is first manufactured.

@christurbeville - I didn't put in the rear cup holders as it's not so much of an upgrade but an add-on. Same with Supercharger. I'll rethink it, as it's a fine line between these and some of the other retrofit items...

@Tesla-David - Can you tell me the retrofit cost for the upgraded textile seats?

@AustinAnthony - I was hoping to find someone that had retrofitted the 3rd row seats. All of the US Signature cars and some early 2013 cars (including mine) are fitted with all the hardware and extra bumper for the 3rd seat. A retrofit should be relatively easy for these cars (although I'm sure expensive). It might not have been worth Tesla's time to continue it when it can only apply to about 3000 cars.

There's actually been a couple posts recently on TMC about retrofitting rear-facing seats onto cars without the crossmember. Here's one:*can*-add-rea...

They said it's $4500 for the seats and $6000 for the crossmember.

So it sounds like they may still do it.

Twin charger retro fit is an upgrade. so are the battery upgrades. So why not include the supercharger retrofit, even if you call it an upgrade?
To me, parking sensors would be an "add-on" as I don't have them now.
I don't get your distinction, TT.

@Gizmotoy - Thanks for the rear facing seat info. I've updated the page.

@dglauz - Generally I was thinking along the lines of hardware upgrades (i.e. parking sensors), but it seems useful to have all retrofit/upgrades listed. I've included Supercharging support as another option.

I have a rear facing seat for sale if anyone with low number vin is interested, located in San Diego.

TT, great addition!

One only?

Talked with Service today and updated the pricing of various retrofits. Sad to learn the 60 to 85 upgrade is not currently available.

Also added the Navigation retrofit (for non-Tech Package cars).

Does anyone have any up-to-date info. about estimated ship dates for the following Model S upgrades?

  1. Replacement 14-50 Adapter with thermal fuse
  2. Updated NavTeq maps database(always used by Navigation System even when no 3G or WiFi coverage available, seems out-of-date in mine)
  3. Tesla's Premium Center console ("coming soon")
  4. CHAdeMO adapter ("coming soon")

Of course the new underbody shield also needs to be listed as an upgrade.

Yep, they are all coming tesla-soon! ;-)

But seriously, no idea. Apparently the new 14-50 adapters are being shipped, but I've not got mine yet (but no worries as I charge at 26A all the time).

Our 14-50 adapters came one day apart, so they should be near VIN 12K, if they are going in VIN order.

The following is an update on the center console I received today:

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors. We apologize for not giving you an update on the Premium Center Console sooner, especially since your previously estimated delivery date has passed. Unfortunately, there has been a hold on shipping and installing the consoles for the past several weeks. Tesla has identified additional parts that need to be fitted to the Premium Center Console to further improve the product. These parts are currently being tested and we should have them available soon. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your continued understanding and support.

We will be sending out an update later this week when we have more specific information available and an update on the delivery timing.

p 510.249.3718 | e

I got my two 14-50 adapters last week (the extra one because I keep a spare charge cable set in the trunk).

Never had any overheating problems charging at full 40 amps. In fact, since this circuit is rated for 50 amps, it's too bad one can't increase the charge level beyond 50 amps.

Hey, but I'm thrilled just to be driving this car!

Has anyone had the P85 to P85+ retro? I would love to hear the details.

The center console is not a retrofit either just an addon sold in the accessories sectiom of

I found a nice frunk organizer at Costco for $14.99.

@DallasTXModelS - My threshold for retrofits (generally) is if it is a feature that is normally bought with the car, and Tesla makes the feature available to owners to didn't elect to buy the feature (or couldn't as it wasn't available at the time), then I've included it in the list. I agree the Console is on the edge of this definition.

The free adapter upgrades doesn't seem to follow into this, as Tesla is updating all customers with the new adapter without cost. I haven't gotten mine yet, but then I've used the 14-50 adapter maybe 5 times in a year. I wonder if Tesla can tell what adapters are being used and prioritizing those owners that use it every day? It would be a smart approach!

I also have rear seats available if someone has a low VIN and wants to retrofit (or willing to pay for the crossmember). Feel free to email me if you're interested.

How about the wife retrofit?

I vote for the Playboy Playmate retrofit/upgrade.

What about S85 to P85 "inverter upgrade"

@jdonovan - The NEC requires* a 25% overhead on the breaker rating for continuous loads like charging. So for 40A charging you need 40A * 1.25 = 50A breaker. Hence the 40A charge limit on a 50A circuit.

* In the USA. I can't speak to other countries.

@cberman - I've never heard of a S85 to P85 "inverter upgrade". Like anything, I'm sure it's technically possible, but as far as I know, Tesla has never offered this option. I went through all the possible Tesla retrofits with the Service center yesterday, but perhaps they missed one.

If anyone has this retrofit, we'd love to know (pricing, when, etc.).

EU chargers are rated according to continuous load. Buyers there were peesed to be "shorted" 25% for no reason.

Heads up, your price for parking sensor retrofit is high. It depends upon preexisting wiring availability, but if you have the wiring the cost is much lower than the $5000-$6200 you quote. Mine cost a little under $2500. Details and bill of materials are posted in this thread:

Could you go from textile seats to leather? Might help the used car market more than anything as some might not want to buy a used premium car without leather seats.

It would also be great if they had a S85 to P85 upgrade option. I guess for about a $15K price difference you can always just sell a S85 and buy a P85.

@danej - You're right as they did look at my VIN (and I don't have the wiring). I was trying to get the pricing unrelated to VIN (or get the VIN range). I've updated the details.

@WEB_SRFR - I expect you can go from textile to leather, but it isn't a standard retrofit. You'd have to buy all the parts and have them install it (if they are willing). Based on the general Tesla parts costs, I suspect this would be a really costly upgrade - maybe $20K for front and back seats.
it would It seems some changes Tesla is unwilling to do (i.e. 60 to 85 is no longer available).

I don't think Tesla has ever offered (allowed?) a S85 to P85 upgrade. I specifically asked if it was available and service said no. It does seem like it's only the inverter that needs to be replaced and a software update, but perhaps there are other items.

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