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Reus audio coming to the Northwest the end of October

This is a copy of an email I sent out to the Northwest Tesla Club Owners email list so please forgive the duplication...

Thought I'd send an FYI to everyone. Reus audio is coming to town the end of October to do some audio installs. If you would like to find out more you can contact Cliff at Reus:


I heard their install at Teslive a couple months back and was very impressed. Here is a link to someone who has had work on their Model S if you would like to get a sense of what they do:

Cliff will be doing the installs in the Seattle area. Also full disclosure - they do charge travel expenses, so the more people who sign up, the lower their travel costs per install are. I am not affiliated with the company and I have no financial interest related to them other than possibly getting the travel cost amortized over a larger install base. I'm getting an install so it would be in my financial interest to get people to sign up. But I'm letting people know about this because I do think their sound system in the Model S is just amazing and I have no problem paying for the travel expenses if i was the only person to be doing an install in the area (which I'm not). It is a significant upgrade to the standard or the upgraded sound packages available stock from Tesla.

I'll leave the price/value judgement to each of you. I personally place an extreme value on high quality audio and am not shy about paying for it to get that last incremental piece of improvement. I could see that some people would not get the value out of the price that the systems would be and would not be comfortable with the price that is being charged for the install.

Regarding pricing, Cliff said he would prefer if I didn't post pricing. He would rather talk with you and find out what your needs are and price a system accordingly, so feel free to contact him.

If you want to wait and hear what a system sounds like, feel free to PM me after I get my system installed and I'd be happy to let you have a listen to the system. I'm sure they will come back to the Seattle area in the future for more installs so you can catch them the next time they come to the Northwest.


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