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Road Trip to Tesla

With the announcement of the next big event, my son and I have decided to spend his summer break road tripping ot across America, from St Louis to California. We plan on arriving in San Jose Sunday just in time to catch the last few hours of the event. We are looking forward to hopefully getting to meet other Tesla reservation jolders and having the chance to talk Tesla with them.

I would put it in Clayton.

I was noticing that the Kingshighway dealership row in St. Louis city has a lot of vacant space cheap but I highly doubt that is the client list Tesla is looking for, even tho I live in the city.

St Charles probably wouldn't work since many of the people outside the 270/255 circle think EVs are only for city folks (trucks and SUVs are the game). That would also include South into the Arnold area. Maybe an option when X rolls off the line.

That leave West but you don't want to get too far away from those city folks so Clayton is perfect.... maybe Ladue.

Good luck in the mountains this time.

Clayton wouldn't be bad. Of course for me I'd prefer Chesterfield as I'm actual out in Wentzville.

How does the route back look? Have you hit the road yet?

We are on the road heading home now. Left Monterey this morning. Took a day off from driving and did some whale watching and visited the Aquarium. Haven't been there in 20 years, since I was stationed there. Its changed a bit, but for the better. Still thinking about retiring ther.

Anyways, so we are talking a more southernly route back. Going to spend tonight in Las Vegas and then hit the Grand Canyon and Petrified forest tomorrow. I've adjusted my estimate for how far I can go based on the new milage info I got in Santana Row. Figuring An Average speed of 70 mph I should get about 179 miles to the charge. But since I would probably charge up to 80% that probably gives me a range betweeen charges of about 130 miles. A bit short but not there seem to be enough places to stop.

First stop would be Lost Hills not much of a town but a few restaruants where you could log into the internet and sit down for some authentic mexican food. Next stop would be Boron, CA not sure what you're going to do there. Might want to have a good book along. Then one final stop in Baker to charge up just enough to make it ti Vegas. And a side note: Looks like Baker has one of the few remaining Big Boys. There's also a Mad Greek Cafe for those of you who want something other than American fare.

So I just passed a sign that said "Avoid overheating turn off AC next 16 miles" I'm guessing that this would not be a problem fo the S. Any thoughts?

It shouldn't be an issue with the battery being liquid cooled but it's a good question to ask! The folks in Arizona with Roadsters can probably give us the best answers Liz.

Check out Bryce and Zion national parks on the way. Amazing scenery

What Thomas said! I skipped Zion so many times on that drive. We went last year and it was fantastic.
I like the North rim of the Grand Canyon best.

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