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Roadster/Model S charging adapter for Centralia, WA

Here is an update regarding the concept of a shared Roadster/Model S adapter. I have had a Roadster/Model S adapter on order for a while because I do the Seattle/Portland routine frequently.

Here are the hestitations that I had in the beginning:

First was the cost.

Second, Superchargers were on the horizon in the vicinity in 2013. I assumed that this area would be a high priority area due to the Tesla per capita concentration in the area. I have not been able to figure out whether the Superchargers are launching on schedule because the schedule has not been very specific.

Third, there was talk early on about modifying the Roadster Charger at Burgerville in Centralia to accomodate the Model S. This idea was dropped. It was a generous idea. In part this is due to the fact that there are far more Model Ses in the area than were expected a few short months ago. No one wanted to shut out the Roadster owners that paid for the charging station. The Roadsters need the additional charge because they have less range than the Model S.

In spite of all those hesitations I'm keeping the adapter on order. I made note of those that have expressed an interest in sharing the cost and usage of the adapter. It seems as if a lock box or other secure system to keep the adapter secured on site at Burgerville would be the best option.

I am in the process of tracking down the individual that installed the Roadster charger in Centralia to get permission to secure an adapter at that location. I have a couple leads I am working on.

Once I get word about the adapter I'll let everyone know here and at TMC Pacific NW forums so that we can get a good final head count, split the cost and dispense keys.

Maybe the Superchargers will arrive before the adapter. I guess we will not know until it happens.

@ccschneider1, TM has been pretty definite that using the supercharger will not harm the battery even if you do it frequently, so long as you make it a standard charge, not a range charge. You are correct, there are maybe a dozen public Roadster stations in the west, so having an adapter will improve your flexibility if you have twin chargers. Many of these stations are on the I-5 corridor, so if superchargers get installed along that route, the adapters will be much less important. But there are others off the route that would still be nice to use. Check out Chad Schwitters's map at

I'm still game to help with the purchase--can use it until the superchargers come in, or after if all the slots are full. There are a lot of us going north and south!

Hi folks,
I think Danny has an adapter for sale at the Seattle Center

I just got word of the arrival an adapter I ordered to replace the one that will be placed in Centralia.

The Roadster to Model S adapter and the total charge for the adapter was $711.75. So far 16 people have expressed interest in sharing the adapter at Burgerville, Centralia. That brings the cost to under $50 per person for the adapter. But we still have the expense of securing the adapter at Burgerville.

The Seattle Service center mentioned that there was a Roadster HPC to Model S adapter at the Bellevue Store parking area and it quickly grew legs and never returned. They strongly encouraged me to find a way to secure the cable and limit access to it.

The cable should be protected from the elements. It seems that the best plan would be to have a locking box with a cable to secure the adapter to the lock box. I have been looking into some options for this. If you see something that looks like a good option, please let me know. So far the options that I have looked at have been relatively expensive and it looks like it will add around $150 to the cost. That brings us back up to about $50 per person with 16 people on board.

It seems that 15” to 16” square lockable box would adequate for containing the adapter and protecting it from the elements. The box would need to be 4.5” to 5” deep to accommodate the Roadster end of the plug. We need to make sure that there are no trip hazards associated with securing or using our adapter.

I have been talking with Burgerville headquarters and they gave me the name of the person that would be in charge of authorizing our installation of a locking enclosure. Apparently, Burgerville paid for the installation of the Roadster HPC that is there now because it aligned with their sustainability and community relations programs.

We do need to keep in mind that the charger was put in place to serve the Roadsters because they need that boost to make it between Portland and Seattle.

I'll post this at TMC too.

Thanks for your work on this Captain. I'll be making a trip to Salem in a couple weeks and, if the adapter isn't already installed, I can talk with the Burgerville Manager or take the cable down, or install the lock box, or whatever you'd like me to do.

I'm willing to help with the costs of this if it is still needed.

Am I right to assume then that the only supercharge station for the Model s is in Centralia and requires a special adapter? Is there anywhere we can get the information to stay up to date on the installation of these supercharge stations?

If they are not due soon, I would be interested in purchasing a share in your adapter for occasional use. Unless I am wrong, that is the only way to get the Model S's from Seattle to Portland and back, without plugging into somebodies range outlet in Portland, isn't it?

Dan, as mentioned in the other thread, since your car is not equipped with twin chargers, the existing Roadster station in Centralia won't be of help to you, even if you had the adapter. Rumors are that a true supercharger will be installed in Centralia, perhaps this summer. Until then, you will need to stop at public charge stations that are 30 amps, or around 20 miles per hour of charge. Your car should make it down to Portland on a single charge, but you would need to find an outlet to plug in overnight in order to make it back on a single charge. Probably not a range outlet, but either a NEMA 14-50 at an RV park or a J1772 public charger. Several hotels have them.

Below is a list of the parties interested in sharing the Model S adapter for the Roadster HPC at Burgerville in Centralia. If you want to be added to this list let me know. This list includes parties from TMC.

I tested the adapter yesterday and found that there are a few tricks to using it. I'll write a tip sheet for its use. The lock box is due to arrive Friday. I am not certain what day Burgerville will be installing it but they hope to have it installed within a week.

I can take payment via Paypal. Once I receive your payment then I can provide you the combination to the padlock and some instructions once the adapter is in place and in service.

The total is right at $50 per person after including the adapter, box, lock, shipping etc. If we do have a small overage due to later additions to this list I would like to propose that the extra funds be turned over to other roadster adapter projects in the PNW region. If we have a significant overage I could do some refunds to the original contributors.

I was asked to draft a letter to Burgerville stating that we would not hold them responsible if the adapter or box is damaged or lost. I can take care of that if there are no objections.

Burgerville said that they will leave the breaker on 24 hours a day.

You can PM me at TMC if you haven't already. I am "v12 to 12v" at TMC.

Here are the participants so far:

Dr. Don 220
Chd Up
Blurry Eyed
Thorts MD
Turbo Froggy
Anto Chat
Puyallup Bill
Douglas R

This is also posted at TMC.

Thanks for doing this, Captain!

regarding the sales tax on the adapter issue -- I called the Department of Revenue. They said that if the adapter is part of the charging system for an EV; all you have to do is to fill out the exemption form and provide it to Tesla Motors and they should not charge sales tax. The fact that you carry the adapter around in the trunk and don't use it very often is irrelevant. Its only purpose is to charge an EV.

I just completed a trip in a P85 from Portland to Las Vegas. They loaned me an adapter at the service center in Portland. Without it, the trip thru Southern Oregon and Northern California would have taken at least an extra day. Of course, once I reached the supercharger at Harris Ranch, I was able to make Las Vegas in one day with one more supercharge at Barstow.

BTW, I noticed that they were adding 8 more units at Harris Ranch. It seems like those would be more useful if they were spread out along I-5 between Sacramento and Seattle.

Add me to the list as well! I am planning a road trip from Seattle to L.A. next month (May 10-25th). It would be great if the adapter could be secured by then. If not, no biggie.. but I will be making future trips south, so I'm happy to contribute regardless.

Justin H

You can retro-add a second charger if you want.

And for individual purchase, only Roadster owners have been able to purchase an adapter, generally, tho this may be slowly changing. TM makes them by hand, apparently.

@Brian - yes, TM's official policy has changed, and they will now let a non-Roadster owner order the adapter. What has not changed, however, is that the adapters are perpetually back-ordered.

@Danoz - upgrading to a second charger will cost you just under $4k with tax. Come to think of it, I wonder if I could have avoided the sales tax by using the RCW 82.08.816 exemption? If so, then the price is $3600.

I have one if you want to rent it.

Burgerville is working on installing the adapter storage box today.

If you sent a contribution for the Roadster HPC to Model S adapter via PayPal, you should have received a message from me via the e-mail address provided by PayPal. If you did not receive a message from me, let me know.

After I confirm that the e-mail address provided by the PayPal transaction is adequate for distribution of information I will send you some tips on the use of the adapter. Once the adapter is in place I will send you the combination for the box.

If I don't hear back from you via the PayPal address I'll seek you out by using any other contact information that you have provided.

The adapter is in place at Burgerville in Centralia. I'll be e-mailing details to all that have pitched in for the adapter share.

The cost is still looks like it is going to be around $40 per when all is said and done. Some generous souls are pledging extra money, if there is any, towards future upgrade/installation projects in the region.

Participants should be getting all the info they need via e-mail now. If I missed someone, let me know.

I have only a single charger. Is it possible to use the roadster charger with adapter if I set my max current to 40A? I know I won't get a fast charge but will it be as fast as a 14-50?


It's all about the amps--if you set your max to 40, you'll pull 40 just as you would with a typical 50A circuit using a 14-50 plug.

Any chance I could rent the adapter on Fri May 10 for a few hours? Will donate $10.

Cerjor--contact Captain Zap for this. Best way is to message v12 to 12v on the TMC website:

If you don't get ahold of her in time, there is a j1772 across the street at Wendy's--I believe it's only 30A, but not that much slower than 40A.


It looks like the HPC in Centralia has been damaged and it may have been turned off by Bugerville.

The plug has pulled away from the cable. Everything appears to be intact but it could be a problem. There is more info and a photo here:

Roadster HPC plug is now repaired and back in service.

Hi Captain_Zap - I'm not sure if you're still looking for people to contribute for the cost of the adaptor and if so, I'm happy to do so. Thanks

You can contact me at Tesla Motors Club by using a private message to v12 to 12v.


It looks like we will only be needing the adapter in Centralia for about a month or so because the Superchargers will be in place. (Fingers crossed.)

I polled people who joined in the adapter share about what to do after the Superchargers go into service in Centralia. The all the replies indicated an interest in moving the existing adapter to Ellensburg's roadster HPC.

The poll also indicated a strong interest towards committing any remaining funds to the Port Angeles charging project. There was one vote recognized for Bend, OR which apparently has a dearth of charging opportunities.

Hopefully within a month, and the Ellensburg (or wherever it's placed on I-90) supercharger within 4 months. I'm really hoping by Dec. 1st for the latter.

The adapter at Burgerville, Centralia will be removed from its Lock Box late today or early tomorrow. The lock box will stay at Burgerville.

The adapter will be on temporary loan to Ellensburg's HPC until they get their Superchargers this Fall. After their Superchargers are in place, it will return to Burgerville in Centralia.

The folks in Ellensburg just ordered their lock box. I believe that they are hoping to have it in service around August 9th. I'll double check on the date.

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