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Rolling duffle bag now available

NOW available at the Tesla gear store...order it quickly limited supply: 150usd. What do other MS think about it?

I like that if fits perfectly in the storage area in the trunk, but I have plenty of luggage. Personally, I don't want another piece.

yeah but do they say TESLA on the side???? I too like the fit. That is what sold me.... so now I can go food shopping and not have worry about paper or plastic....thanks @jeffaa for posting the link

I may even get this and I do not have a Tesla YET (one day soon hopefully i can reserve one)

Will it fit the overhead carry on storage on a plane? If it does; take my money please.

The dimensions are way to big to qualify legally as carry on luggage. But from my experience many passengers ignore the size limitations and airlines do not stop them. Anyway I have gone ahead and ordered one, can't help myself, it looks cool and goes with the Tesla gym bag. Just won't tell my wife that I ordered more Tesla gear.

You totally suck for posting this thread. I had to buy this before I even got my MS. Your fault.

Not Sold Out yet. Must be unpopular. ;)

I'd love a bag sized for the frunk.

Why the heck can't Tesla keep hats, shirts, coffee mugs, etc in stock? It's odd. Take my money!


It's the Tesla way.
Production constrained commerce. . . just like the Roadster, S, and hopefully GenIII.
If (when) they build it, it will sell out.

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