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Rues Systems upgraded my sound

I just had my sound system upgraded by Rues Systems in Orange County. I give it a 5 Star rating. Upgraded the speakers, power and Sme more goodies. They made everything look totally stock. Now my car sounds HiFi. They clarity is at least twice as good. The top is much more crisp. The bottom is shaking... Clean, clean, clean...

Sorry for typos, my fingers are too thick for this iPad and I'm excited!

Cool. What was the total cost? How long did it take?

Sorry for typos, my fingers are too thick for this iPad and I'm excited!

Glad to hear! I contacted them and I will go this route. Did they add the 10inch sub to the existing sub? From what I know, they replace A pillar tweeters and center channel. Did you have the studio sound from Tesla?

I'd love to see pics of this. How does this work with the touchscreen controls? I understand that it looks like they changed things without changing the head end... How about a video, so we can hear it?

The added another 10" sub in my trunk's lower compartment. It only takes up a little space. It thumps! My sister just heard it with a 24 bit track. She is a TV producer who is very educated on the subject of audio quality. She said its comparable to the highest quality sound she has ever heard. Couldn't believe it was so consistently even from top to bottom.

I had the stock premium system. To put it in laymen's terms, is like going from standard-def to high-def with sound. *Everything looks stock. The interface is the same as stock. Just everything else on upgraded. Rick Rues said, "the interface is very good." There is no way to know it has been upgraded until you hear, that can't be hidden.

Ok give us the advertisement where are they whats there website and cost?

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