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Rust prevention and cold enviroments

I wounder if the car is suited for Norwegian conditions when it comes to conditions down to -20 celsius (how will the battery pack deal with that) and how the car is prevented against rust / corrosion for Norwegian conditions like salt on roads etc. And what will the warranty be for Norway?

I compiled a number of links to related threads in this thread:

It has a mostly Aluminium based chassis and body panels, rust isn't too much of the issue. For the battery I''l let you read the thread Volker pointed out.

-20c is not a problem. It is rated for 24 hours unplugged at that temp. The cells are not rated for -30c though. I plan to plug the car in if it is in the range of -20c and below.

Plan on the car being sluggish at first if left in the cold unplugged. Just like an ICE.

Adding to previous comment, cold affects power output, but not energy. You still have full energy reserve in the pack (if it isn't damaged by cold). As weird as it might seem, cold is actually good for batteries, it extends the battery life (as long as it is in tolerable range).

Cold is good for electronic efficiency. Back in the day (of 200MHz chips), I remember editing an article, "Supercooling to a GigaHertz!". Heh.

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