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S owners charging network

I'm wondering if Tesla owners might create a volunteer network that would allow other Tesla owners to charge up. This would be offered as a backup safety net in case one got caught with a low battery. For example I would be willing to allow other Tesla owners to charge using the connection at my home if it was urgently needed. This network would act as a bridge until more charging options become available. Any interest out there?

On the features page they say:

Model S comes standard with everything you need to plug into the most common 240-volt outlet, standard 120-volt wall outlets and public stations.

On the facts page they say:

Model S plugs into any standard outlet.


220V outlets, like the ones used to power a dryer, charge Model S more quickly than a standard 110V outlet.

So it seems they provide at least a few options standard. I don't think they have announced exactly which plugs they will provide, though.

That's why I'm not doing anything until we have more information.

c'mon mycroft

if you want to reap the tax bebefits before end year, run gauge for at least 100A circuit to your breaker box. consider that you might want to have 2 electric vehicles in your garage in the years to come. If your home service allows, run 200A wire and install a sub breaker box in your garage. From there you can run 30A, 50A, 100A circuits on independent breakers to any outlet or wall box, be it inside our outside.

I'm not a home-wiring wiz, so a little practical advice would be helpful:

If I'm just going for a single 10kW in-car charger, charging at 220v, what breaker rating will I want? I'm thinking that that draws ~40A, so a 50A breaker is called for.

Thanks VP, but unless the charger is installed, I don't think it would qualify. Since its only the cost of the cable, and it's not a 100% break, we're not talking lots of money anyway.

Robert.B, the 50 amp would def. do the job. More would be overkill.

I did want to mention here that it was reported in the Tesla Motors Club forums that someone at Tesla said the HPC 2 would be weather proofed. If true, that would be fantastic!

If the HPC is weatherproof, then that will definitely help in identifying an optimal external location for the installation. Ideally, it would be located in a place where travelers could charge without blocking the exit to my garage. After all, if a traveler parks, begins charging, and then walks down the street to Wendy's for a meal, I don't want to have to wait for them to return to get my car out of the garage!

Just reserved the model S lastweek. Was looking for charging network, and this idea seems really good. I am on board on this.

Please include me in the loop if you guys decided to create mailing-list or something similar like that.


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