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For Sale: Brand New 21" Gray wheels and rims

Hi guys--

I have a set of 21"s-- don't want them for my car. I can return them to Tesla for a partial credit but I think would do better to sell them here if there is an immediate serious taker. They have been driven less than 100 miles-- they are not for me--

Please email me at if you are interested- I need to decide right away.
I think the retail value is 3500+tax so anything reasonable would be considered.

Not to be a jerk, but I simply cannot hold my virtual tongue here: wheels and rims are synonymous.

I am pretty sure the proposal is for both wheels and tires, but whoever is interested should email the OP and seek clarification.

BTW Nick... where are you located, as this would factor in any shipping costs?

I am interested. How should we take this off-line? I am in Seattle, where are you.


I sent you an email.

just out of curiousity, why are the 21s not for you?

email sent nick

how much?

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