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San Antonio Model S drivers?

My shipment date is August 7. I've heard of 4, maybe 5 other MSes in the San Antonio area. Would love to meet. Anybody up for that, and anybody have a better idea of how many Model Ses there are in the area?

jie - I would assume by now there are 4 or 5 dozen. Would love to meet, there's a good crew of folks I've met here. Perhaps a week from Saturday, on July 27th. I've tried in the past top get the folks at the Pearl Brewery to cone of a few spots for us to show off the fleet. Convenient for me as I live in Monte Vista, and there's always tons of people there Saturday mornings for the farmer's market. Could either do breakfast or lunch and then hang by the cars for a couple hours and sell a few (since we're the deputized salespeople in Texas). I'll call them tomorrow and see if there's a chance for a mini Tesla show.

Thanks Cattle. I'm all for it, though I don't actually get mine for another 3 weeks. Would much rather show up with the car...

OK, no rush, maybe mid/late August. You'll probably fall off the first page of the general forums with a city specific post, might want to post in Texas section.

Friends from Kerrville would probably join...let us know when you get it scheduled.

You could always show up on foot and do your famous "Fred Flintstone in a Tesla" imitation! ;D

How/where do I find the Texas section?

Make sure you're logged in. Then under the forums home page there is a "Clubs" section. You'll find Texas there.

I'm in SA, as well.

cgiGuy, do you have to be an owner to see the clubs section?

You have to be an owner or have paid the deposit. If you're either of these and still can't see it, you'll need to make a call to customer service to have them give you access.

To gain access to the private threads and the Clubs section you can also email and ask to have access enabled.

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