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Satellite Radio Channel Surfing

I'm not yet a Tesla owner and the test models don't have Satelite radio activated, so I was hoping someone here could provide and answer.

In my current car, I store satellite radio stations in the presets.

From there, I can surf up and down one channel at a time using the car's job wheel on the console.

How does it work in a Model S? I know you can have presets, but how to you surf up and down one channel at a time?


When you have any radio (AM/FM/XM) active on the Media Screen, there are search up and down buttons. In the case of AM/FM, the search will stop on any station with a signal strong enough for the receiver to lock on to. With XM, it stops on each active satellite channel. I haven't fooled with the steering wheel button options to see if the search can be initiated from there. Maybe someone else could comment.

Here is the XM app screen:

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The buttons on the steering wheel and the arrow buttons move you up/down one station and there are 6 presets at the bottom (something I wish they would increase). The dial also spins, which seems the fastest way to move up and down the dial.


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