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Saw First Model S on route 87 near Raleigh

It was lovely to see a black Model S for the first time in the area. I just finalized mine the other day. Good to know there are others in the area.

Also Tesla sales person in Washington told me we may get a service center here in Raleigh, NC. Any one heard about that?

Needs to be Wolfpack Red!

Service center is supposedly going to open in the spring, but haven't heard specific date / location in the area.

Might be up in the double-digit numbers in the Triangle by now, there were at least 2 others for Raleigh on the truck mine was on in mid November.

If you see a red S in the Brier Creek / Leesville area with the plate "GOT AMPD", that'd be me. ;)

I would LOVE Wolfpack Red!! Go Pack!


I also live in Brier Creek and have a black S 85 on order.

You will see my silver P 85 hanging out at Carter Finley and the PNC.

@rterry. What class were you? I was '77 (BS) and '80 (MS).

Velo1, we were classmates! '77 BSChE

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