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Seasonal tire swaps included in maintenance plan for Canada (QC and ON)

I just had very useful series of e-mail exchanges with Kimbal Musk, George B, and Joost de Vries concerning the new ventilation ducts (which I posted in a separate topic), and winter tires - specifically whether bi-annual tire swaps are included in the annual maintenance. The gist of the information is below.

I must say that I have been thoroughly impressed by the level of interaction these three busy individuals have shown in addressing my concerns, taking the time to reply promptly and personally to a single customer. I made sure to note this in my replies to them.

Quoted from Joost de Vries:

"For your bi-annual tire swap, YES, this is included in your maintenance package. You'll have to come into our Service Center in Laval for the swap and we'll even offer to store your off season tires for you until you need to swap again 6 months later. This is applicable both in Ontario as well as Quebec."

I do not know if the tires are to be stored locally, or if a fee will be requested for the service, but this is fantastic news for those who are obliged to use winter tires !

It would be great if Tesla could do this for those of us in the northern part of the US. I live in a northern city and can't easily drive on 21 inch performance in the winter nor do I have much space to store tires.

I posted a question in the "Questions" thread asking if this applies to the US as well - especially for those of us in the northern areas. Only seems fair.

I did not ask about the US, but one small detail to note is that in Quebec, winter tires are mandatory, by law. They are not optional. That may have influenced Tesla's deicision-making process. Having one of thw two tire swaps at the same time as the mandatory annual inspection would make a lot of sense (that is what I will try to do if possible).

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