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Seattle Service Center scheduled to move, expand

The Seattle Service Center will move to a much more spacious and convenient location "in two or three months."
This new location is at 1045 Sixth Avenue South, about three blocks East of Century Link Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders. And just a short block West of the fancy new BMW Seattle dealership. Much easier

Tesla's new Seattle home will be in an older warehouse, which was recently completely remodeled and expanded at great expense for Stadium Nissan. This dealership closed within the past year or so. As it emphasized the Nissan Leaf it seems likely that there could be far heftier electrical service than most ICE facilities. Being several times larger than the present Westlake site, the pictures when it was Nissan show a spacious showroom, several offices, a parts area, and service bays for at least a dozen Teslas plus ample space for delivery prep and storage. And lots of free parking for customers right outside the doors!

Take a look at the several pictures on the old Stadium Nissan web site, just imagine how great the giant "T" will look from the maze of freeway ramps to and from I-5 and I-90. Perhaps even outside outlets so Model S owners (only) can park for free while adding more than enough miles to drive home after the short walk from a football, baseball or soccer game?

Great news!
Will the new center provide a supercharger?

I think my car might need to be "serviced" for 4-5 hours whenever the Seahawks have a home game...

All existing and planned superchargers are between cities. Never in nor near any large city.

Seeing that there is a supercharger "dot" in Seattle scheduled for this winter and the fact that this new service center is almost exactly at the intersection of I-5 and I-90, I'm going to guess that, yes, there will be superchargers at the new service center. ;-)


Tesla employee says there WILL be a supercharger in Seattle before years end. My guess is Factoria 405/I90.

I won't complain about that placement either seeing that I live within a couple miles of the 405/90 intersection. ;-)

Wonder if this could be just another case of wishful thinking by someone?

Tesla and Musk have repeatedly stated that superchargers will only be located BETWEEN major urban areas; never WITHIN any major urban area.

With hundreds of Model S owners now living within a short drive of this rumored location, the wait times at a supercharger would be endless as folks charged there to avoid the costs of charging at home.

LOL dsecrist!

I had the same thought...

@mcx-sea - Who do you think is wishing for this supercharger location? Do you not see it on the planned build out map when you click on "Winter 2013"?

While I agree that this could pose problems with locals clogging up the system, I doubt that will happen as the convenience of charging at home is too great.

Then again, there will likely be apartment and condo dwellers that don't have access to reasonable charging at home.

Of course, this has been debated ad naseum so I won't continue here.

I was kidding about the convenient placement close to my home. I wouldn't need it as I would charge at home. Hence the ;-).

Although, I do find it a bit odd that, from what I can tell, Seattle is the only large metropolitan area to show one on the build out map. Not that all the ones on the East coast won't be in areas with high populations. Or Souther California for that matter.

Seriously though, at some point in time there will likely be Superchargers in big cities.


I live remote (south sound) so a Seattle SC would be most welcome.
Not everyone lives in a metro and the apartment condo folks in town have needs as well. Then the map does indicate Seattle.
I think most folks who can afford a Tesla aren't really worried about their electric bill so locals crowding a SC is unlikely.
The more the better!

I just confirmed with a senior Tesla Headquarters employee that there are NO plans for superchargers anywhere in Western Washington other than the two under construction near Burlington and Centralia.

Well, there we go then. Thanks for clarifying.

I wonder if we see that dot removed sometime soon. ;-)

Looks like some of us are determinjed not to have an SC in Seattle!
Time indeed will tell.

The stadium location means a SC would be equally accessible from I-90 and NS I-5. Makes more sense than Eastside.

That Westlake location is getting cramped. Wonder if they will keep a showroom there for all of the nearby techies?

Next to Light Rail station too.

Here is a pre-Nissan realator's video of the space:


Dec 14, 2009 - Uploaded by UrbanVisionsSeattle
The property is bifurcated by Sixth Avenue running north and south. Local attractions include ...

Obviously there will be a supercharger for the center to use and we can use it "space available" but I was told there would be another SC in Seattle by year end and the map definately agrees.

That neighborhood is hard to navigate on game days and the SC's would certainly fill up during events.

Maybe the contractor knows something and City Light might be a place to explore.

The lads at the service center shared a design layout with me and it is impressive! Pacific Collision is directly across the street.
They are a top caliber shop and highly capable.


How, where, why is is obvious that the new Seattle Service Center will have a supercharger? Is this a rumor? Hersey? Speculation? Wild guess?

Service Centers do NOT have superchargers. Service Centers are ALWAYS in urban areas.

Existing and announced superchargers are NEVER in urban areas, only BETWEEN major urban areas. Until and unless Tesla changes their confirmed corporate policy re superchargers, any rumors or assumptions otherwise are meaningless.

Tesla Headquarters confirmed just last week that the ONLY superchargers planned for Western Washington will be the TWO now under construction near Burlington and Centralia.

I thought Ellensburg was getting a supercharger?

Ellensburg looks to be too far from the other superchargers for the north/south traffic to then head east. My guess is they will put one in around North Bend. This will allow everyone to get a full charge before going up the pass too.

Remember, that supercharger map isn't very accurate. It showed a supercharger going in around Salem but it really will be further north in Woodburn. It makes way more sense to put one in just east of Seattle then in Seattle.

Just east of Seattle isn't enough to guarantee making it to Spokane. Ellensburg, Vantage or George would be better for anyone wanting to make it from Seattle to Spokane.

No guessing required. Ellensburg IS on the official Tesla supercharger map. It fully meets Tesla policy by being close to midway between Greater Seattle and Spokane. It further makes travel practical to and from a great deal of Eastern Washington.

North Bend is NOT on the official Tesla supercharger map. It does NOT meet Tesla policy, being way to close to all major cities and urban areas in Western Washington. Teslas coming from the I-5 corridor currently have dozens, perhaps hundreds, of charging options before heading East on i-90.

According to Google maps, Centralia to Ellensburg is 171 miles via I-5/hwy 18/I-90. Burlington to Ellensburg is 167 miles using 405. Are those doable in an 85? Probably would be cutting it pretty close with the pass in between. During the winter it would be even closer I would think.

Sounds like a SC somewhere just outside Seattle might be a good idea to make that a little easier to do. IMHO.


Seattle per se does not have a lot of choices when it comes to easy off and back on, let alone for access to both I-90 and I-5. The James St exit, with some help from the city, might work using parking space under the freeway between James and Cherry. But there are no facilities, no food, etc. NE 45th has the off-on access but few facilities, plus being five miles from I-90.

Sounds like the Stadium Nissan location might meet those SC criteria. It would need a one hour parking limit at the SC on game days. And if they are planning to implement the Seattle SC in the announced time frame (Winter 2013-14), it would suggest using their new service center space.

Bias warning: it is only one freeway exit away from where I live.

I was told that an SC unit is being included at the new service center for their use and occasionally for owners who might need a quick fix if the unit is not in use by the center. Why would Tesla even consider the home charger setup to serve the centers charging needs? ( What say you Spock?)

I'm guessing Tesla would do a minimal charge in Fremont and top off
here as the rates are so much cheaper here vs Fremont. They are smart kids who know how to run efficiently.

Stopped by the Burlington SC site today and talked to the guys. The only thing holding them up is the power company delivering the big transformer. In the meantime, they are installing signage for the parking paces.

They said that Centralia SC was currently being worked on.

Discovered a nice dozen or more NEMA 14-50 at Rockport 30 miles east: not the state park but the Steelhead RV park by the river just north of the bridge. Wasn't listed so I listed it on

Apropos a Stadium Supercharger, it would provide a great opportunity for valet parking to use the supercharger. "Supercharged Valet Service" could ferry cars to the SC and back, to return your MS with a 200 mile charge.

In the meantime, before an I-90 Seattle to Spokane trip, just drive at 50mph to get there on a full change (273 mi).

Or stop at the Wild Horse Wind Farm on the Old Vantage Highway, at 126 miles from Seattle. It is another unlisted 240 v (I believe) site with cool comfort in PSE's visitor center, tours of the PVs and windmills, etc.

The tesla chart (supercharger page) does have a dot in the Seattle area for next year.

When rumors, speculation and assumptions about a Seattle SuperCharger first began, I contacted a veteran Tesla employee at Tesla Headquarters. He confirmed that Tesla has NO plan for a Seattle SuperCharger, and that the two SuperChargers opening this month are the ONLY two confirmed for Western Washington. He repeated Tesla's policy to build new SuperChargers ONLY between major urban areas, NEVER in any urban areas.

No existing or planned Tesla Service Center has a SuperCharger. Nissan designed what soon will be the new Seattle location to deliver and service quantities of Leafs. Pictures show numerous service bays. If all or most of these were set up to charge Leafs, it should be easy to convert them to charge Teslas, including likely HPPC chargers and some to charge Roadsters. As this will also become the ONLY Tesla delivery center for Western Washington, truckloads will be arriving from the factory, six cars per truck. Each car should have its own charger, so they could receive a full charge while being prepped for delivery. Each car in for service could also be receiving a full charge. Using a SuperCharger to perform these functions would require continually shuffling cars. making it all but unavailable for owners to ever use.

If some or all the outside parking spaces had 240 volt charging outlets they would indeed be convenient for owners walking to one of the nearby stadiums. "Be fully charged for the post-game drive back home!" But some sort of reservation system would be needed to assure fans coming from say Oregon, BC, or Eastern Washington that they would be guaranteed a charger before walking to a stadium. And who/how would be enforcing this?

Until and unless Tesla officially confirms any Seattle SuperCharger, relying on rumors, speculation, or a fuzzy dot on a map would seem to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

So, what exactly is wrong with wishful thinking?
Living well outside Seattle I could use a "fix"
in town but until then I will have to limit my
travel, unfortunate at best.

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