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Seattle to Winthrop trip

We'll become brand new owners of a Blue '85 this coming weekend. We're hoping to do a trip to Winthrop in September, and stay at Sun Mountain or Frreestone in Mazama. I'm looking for insights for recharging in the Winthrop area, as it should be very doable to come from the Supercharger in Burlington over the North Cascade Highway into the Methow Valley for a couple days, and return the same way after recharging somewhere in the Methow.

I'd like to consider going back to Seattle via Chelan and Blewett/Snoqualamie passes. This seems like we would need to recharge somewhere along that route and I don't have a good plan for that yet.

Thoughts or recommendations?

Lots of Level 2 chargers along US 2, lots in any RV campground, say the one in Chelan which is in walking distance of hotels and resorts.

Try spec'ing your kwh needs using

I just made that trip two weeks ago from Puyallup, stayed at the Freestone Inn. We charged our S85 to max then headed out over I90 because Hywy 20 was closed at the time. Charged at Leavenworth at the Areo charger in the lot behind city hall then on to Jack Andersons house to top off. We didn't really need to stop at Jacks if we had stayed at Leavenworth a little longer. At Winthrop you can charge at Pine Near RV park (240vac 50 amp with 14-50 plug) for $5 or rent a space which is what we did. On our return we did a max charge at Pine Near RV, then stopped at Leavenworth for dinner and a 2 hour charge, enough to make it home to Puyallup. The Mazama Inn is supposed to be getting a 90amp J1772 sometime in September, check to see if they have it before going. The Freestone Inn is about 15 miles from Winthrop and there is no good way to get between the two other than driving, so it makes it difficult to leave the car at the RV park to charge overnight.

From Seattle you should be able to go to the Burlington Supercharger and do a max charge there which will give you enough to make it to Freestone Inn, or Winthrop via Hywy 20. You will need about a 65% or better charge to make it back to the Burlington Supercharger. Someone else made a round trip from the Supercharger over 20 to Rainy Pass and back without charging, so it should be easy to make the same with some charging in Winthrop.

Drove to Winthrop from Seattle this past weekend. Stopped at Burlington on the way over Hwy 20. Charged to full in about 4 hours at the Winthrop KOA (NEMA 14-50) for $5 while walking around town and visiting friends.

Also, check with Jack Anderson as to which of the new Plug-In North Central Washington stations will be operational:

I believe about three of them are working now, and more will be brought on line soon. If you have twin chargers, these will give you a much faster charge than the typical 30 amp public charge stations or even the 40 amp RV park stations.

Plug-In NCW has signed a Host Agreement with the Pine Near RV Park in Winthrop. We will have a haL2 (70A) EVSE unit installed before 27 September 2013. The Pine Near RV Park is one half block off the main street in Winthrop (Highway 20) and there is a pathway from the Pine Near through the Shaffer Museum to the town's main tourist area. They also have new cabins for over night stays!

The Mazama Country Inn is likely to be hosting a 70A EVSE as soon as the owner returns from an extended hiking trip this month. Other sites in central Washington are Omak Inn and Pateros Lakeshore Inn. These sites will support Highway 20 travel through the excellent North Cascades Highway.

We're in Winthrop today, and doing a max charge at Pine Near campground in preparationfor returning to Sattle tomorrow. The owner there, Anna is vey helpful, and we're using their RV 240V/50A receptacle with our standard NEMA 14-50 plug. We also talked to the folks at Mazama Country Inn, who say they are planning one soon. (October?). Also talked to the folks at Freestone, but didn't get good vibes on their doing anything in the foreseeable future.

We are staying at Sun Mountain, and they are planning to do something to support electric car charging over the winter. I showed their maintenance department our NEMA 14-50 setup, but maybe you can talk to them about the 70 amp approach.

We used a 30 amp J1772 setup in Levenworth on the way here, and that sure is slow for the increase in range you get. Or maybe there is a better alternative we arent aware of. After the slides are cleared on the NorthCascade Highway, we can try that route with the Burlington Supercharger strategy.

Also, the KOA campground on the road south out of Winthrop have the 14-50 receptacles, and are very accommodating as well.

Our first trip into the "wild" has been lots of fun, the car is silky smooth, and I'm getting the hand of using the range predictions. Going through the mountains is. Real learning/teaching experience. And i find the car is close to the predicted range, once the change in elevation is accounted for. We'll do this again, and soon.

We appreciate your work on getting these chargers set up, it will make these sort of trips away from I 5 and I 90 possible!

We look forward to having 70 amp stations available

You will find a 70A charger at the Icicle Creek Best Western in Leavenworth. It is a Sun Country Highway EVSE that was not well installed as it delivers 208V at 67A but is still much better than the 30A EVSE behind city hall.

Plug-In NCW has scheduled a 70A installation at the Lakeshore Inn in Pateros and the Omak Inn in Omak. Both of these locations are extensions of our North Cascades Highway project. The Lakeshore has a fine restaurant with beautiful views of the lake and is worth the 43 mile drive from Winthrop along Highway 153.

Delivered a 70A EVSE to Pine Near RV in Winthrop today. Planned for installation week of 16 September!


Thanks again for your efforts on this Jack!


Plug-In NCW was just contacted by Sun Mountain near Winthrop! Seems their GM has gotten enough requests for EV charging that they are interested. I will be making a presentation to them early next month. Because of their location I am pretty sure I will recommend installation of several NEMA 14-50 (240V 40A) outlets to provide charging for their overnight guests. The Pine Near RV park in Winthrop is getting a 240V 70A EVSE installed on Friday of this week. To all you who have contributed money, ideas, time and effort your payoff is about to be realized!

Most excellent!

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