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Second Quarter 2012 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call on Jul 25, 2012 at 2:30 PM PT

The Q2 2012 Q&A conference call is scheduled for Jul 25, 2012 at 2:30 PM PT. Live audio broadcast will be available at:

I bet the number of listeners will break new records...! ;-)
(Just hoping they will be able to handle the load, technically.)

The Q2 2012 financial report with some basic news and the latest public numbers will likely be made available at the same URL shortly before the event.

revenue will be "at least" $350,000,000

Profit will be quite a lot less than that, and profit is what really matters. Biggest question is how big profit margin do they have, I have heard numbers like 25%, and IMO that's huge number. For $80k car 25% is $20k, which would leave battery and other parts only $60k and for 85kWh battery alone costing around $34k it would be miracle if the car has quality it has. Even without profit margin this car is turning out to be better than I expect.

Timo, there is zero (none, not any, nada) possibility that Elon doesn't know what he's saying when he claims at least 25% gross margin on every sale. Get used to it. Whether you think it is a miracle or not.

Martin was the one who thought he could manufacture for $140K and sell for $80K and make it up on volume. Which is why Elon finally had to detach him from all decision-making.

+1 Brian H

I'm confident as well. I've come to the conclusion that the estimates that have been bandied about on this forum for the battery pack costs are substantially higher than Tesla's actual cost. I think you can get a pretty good discount when you're buying nearly 5M batteries for this year, and 15M+ for next year. These are based on 5000 cars this year with nearly 1000 batteries per pack for 85kWh, and averaging 750 batteries per pack for 20K+ cars next year.

Of course, when calculating gross margin, you're only considering the actual costs of materials and labor involved in producing the cars. Tesla has a big leg up there because they're fabricating so much in house.

- Tesla has a big leg up there because they're fabricating so much in house.

You got that right.

@Brian H, I know and I'm not complaining or seriously even doubting (though I'm skeptical person and always leave a small uncertainty factor in everything other people say, even Elon. I don't blindly believe anybody or anything). Me saying it is miracle is a compliment, not other way around. They are doing something extraordinary with very small budged. Same with SpaceX too BTW.

brilliant engineering is indistinguishable from miracles? I guess it's all in what we've been trained to accept as "good enough".

As for SpaceX, I personally expect it will render the efforts of other launch designers and agencies obsolete within about 4 yrs. Including the NASA "deep space" explorations wheeze, and the Orion. If Elon manages to make all launch stages re-usable, as he intends, it's game over for everyone else.

"sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic"

Paraphrased, but is it any less true?

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