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Seeing is believing

I, much like the rest of you, am very enthusiastic about the future of automobiles without combustion engines. But I have yet to see a Tesla car in person. Can anyone fill me in on the next major or Tesla auto event/show where you can see one first hand. I live in New York City. I know I can just go visit a dealership but I am more interested in seeing it in a show or an event. A more social event then a dealership where you can talk to people and their views on the cars and the future.


Get yourself to the dealership and test drive the Roadster, that is what every skeptic needs not talking. I was a skeptic till I test drove the roadster, that's what converted me, I reserved the Model S the very same day.

Great idea Mehdi.

Yes, if you live close to a Tesla store(it's not a dealership), there is absolutely no reason not to go see/drive the roadster.

Agreed. Live in Michigan, test drove in Chicago. I have two reserved (2,020 and 2,826). Driving is believing.

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