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Seeking Opti-Coat recommendation (Dayton, OH)

I've seen a lot about Opti-Coat on this forum and have researched it a bit. I'm interested in getting this for my new S, but have been unsuccessful finding someone in the Dayton area who can do this for me. Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm also about an hour from Columbus or Cincinnati ... so I could drive if need be, but prefer to keep my business local.


I have seen cfOh's car and it is even better in real life!!

I hope to see everybody there that day.

Don't golf so no help there sorry


@romainiacWV: Just to be clear, I misspoke earlier. I had thought that cleaning + claybarring a car == "paint correction," but apparently that is not so.

What Jaison did for me was wash it, claybar it (was fast since it was only 2 days old), and then apply Opti-Guard. That was all he did and he charged me $225.

@cfOH Thanks for the clarification. My car is white and as far as I can tell has only two or three areas that may need a little "correction". The white hides the swirls you see on the darker cars. One is a smudged area on the nose cone, hoping he can work out but it is a plastic piece.

Good morning and thank you for the wonderful comments! I look forward to working on more Teslas and your other vehicles too. I will laugh if my studio becomes a hot spot for your vehicle since I've been a muscle car guy since in my 20's!

@tssdetailing Welcome to the forum Think you can keep your muscle car title, did we tell you the MS has 400+ HP and torque? It's a car for all seasons ;). Looking forward to getting the work done Wednesday!

Based on this thread, I think I'll be using TSS Detailing in the next few months to get my (future) Model S worked on. Glad to hear that there's a great place to have the OptiCoat placed.

-cfOH - the picture still wow's me!

So wanted to let the board know that I'm at TSS right now. Will probably be here until 5-6 PM. Stop by if you want to see the car or talk to Jaison. He's a great guy. Very approachable and patient, been picking his brain about car car all morning. Also want to thank @cfOH for stopping by saying hello and giving me my first drive in a P85+!! Wow! That thing moves and really can notice the improved handling and suspension compared to my S85. His paint looks amazing as well.

Would love to see some before and after pics.

Was great meeting you this morning, romainiacWV! I'm glad Jaison is treating you well. :-)

I just woke up and obviously will not make it :(

We should all meet up again!!

Can't wait to see pictures.

I do hate my job sometimes...................

howard red P+

@howardb33 Still here, looks like until about 7pm or later if you want, stop by. Clear bra is just on and opticoat getting ready to start.

By the way. Jaison has a 50amp hookup in his shop. He doesn't know if its live or not. Unusual adaptor needed, it's a 10-50 NEMA. You can find it on EVSE adaptors website, I checked. However, Jaison talked about changing it out to a 14-50 if he starts getting enough business.

working tonight soon


keep in touch


@Romain: Post a pic when you can and let us know how it turned out.

Will do. As soon as I figure out how to link a photo, wheres the copy and past when you need it. I guess I have to link from a hosting site. Jason has a shot or two on his Facebook page already up I know. It looks like just melting ice.

Sorry @romainiacWV, just couldn't make it down there yesterday. I work an hour north of Dayton and just don't have the energy (pun intended) to make it down there afterward.

Yeah, no direct uploads. Host and link (HTML only).

&img src="URL" width="600">

@RomainiacWV: If you want me to post it for you, email me a few photos:

Thanks cfOH, I may, but want to try. Just have been on a brutal stretch of midnights and had little time, did apply for a flkr acct though. Nice idea on the garage pads. Coming soon.....

Paparazzi Photos uploaded, thanks again Robbie for the wonderful opportunity!

@ tss thanks for bailing me out on the photos. One thing I want to say is that you really have to see the car fine to fully appreciate what the opticoat adds to the paint. Saw @cfOH grey car and mine and it just gives the paint an additional luster, shine and depth. Had a chance to see the factory clear bra this past week on some new deliveries in Columbus and it is very minimal. Line is very visible low in the hood.

Has anyone had any experience with Good Guys Detailing?

They seem to be the only ones that do opti-coat in Columbus.

If Addison has moved back from Florida to Cbus, you will be thrilled with his work. He was a protege of Todd Cooperider whom I've respected and learned from too.


Okay, so I am finally post some photos for the board to see. Sorry for a dead box up there but this is my first rodeo with uploading. The above shot is pre-clear bra or opticoat. Thank you Tesla for letting me preserve an already awesome looking finish.

Here are a couple more before photos, from the day the work was being done.



Here are the post clear bra and opticoat. I'd show you the lines, but there are none! Great work at TSS! Really feel that the opticoat is something you have to see to appreciate, there is a depth to the paint and a reflective attritube that is very subtle. The clear bra is not noticeable.








My favorite shot....Thanks for the charge GM!


Ok I am "sold" !!!!!

Plan on getting mine done sometime next week!!!

Waiting for TSS to email me back.

Where is that free solar charger located at?

howard b. red p85+

That is located at McCluskey Chevy at the Kings Auto Mall outside Cincinnati along I-71. They have 8 stations! They are on plugshare. Their volts were parking in there but were not charging. They were very cool, I charged there overnight and stayed in a hotel to make the trip to SC Columbus. The service manager said they are the first one of those for GM in US, hopefully not the last. They had no problem that I was in a Tesla. I believe the Nissan and Mitsubishi deal also have multi port chargers there. Good stop, there is a target, a strip mall, a Costco and all the soon to be obsolete ICE vehicles the eye can see ;)

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