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Selectable door handel presentation.

Software update suggestion. I'd like to be able to select which door handles I want presented. It seem a waste (wear and tear) to have them all presenting, all the time. I'd prefer to be able to identify which door handles present via a selection the touch screen. Any thoughts?



For safety issues, one should be able to set the car for ONLY the driver's side to present and open. When entering ANY car in a garage or parking lot area, a driver, especially a female driver, should NEVER have to worry about anybody being able to simply jump in their car's other doors from a perhaps hidden location.

There should ALWAYS to an option for ONLY the driver's door to open.

Good safety and wear & tear observation;
If using the fob, two clicks for driver door only and if not clicked possibly default to all doors or 3 clicks for all handles to present.

Who knows, maybe it's on tonight software update.

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