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Service Plans changing?

We all saw our "Buy Service" buttons disappear from our Garage pages after the financing announcement. It was said to be a bug. Finance Now links were showing up, so that seemed reasonable. Here we are a week later, and the button has not returned to my Garage (the finance now link is gone). Recently Elon tweeted that there would be three more announcements in the month of April. One around service, one around super charging, and one mysterious announcement. On a recent Engadget article, Elon said that their service offering needed improving.

This has me wondering, are they going to go more like BMW and Mer, where the first two years are free? Honestly, it was disappointing to see there was a required $600/yr service requirement (cheaper if you pre-pay). They constantly tout that it has only 11 moving parts, and its maintenance is near zero. Providing software updates, should not be something they say you get in the "service" either. Its a part of the platform that they are promoting as revolutionary. If Android and iOS had paid updates (Apple did once for iPod touch, but no longer) their adoption would be significantly less.

I personally hope Tesla changes course on their service plans. What does everyone else think?

Can anyone clarify the rim/tire warranty? I bought this about 3 weeks ago and now very concerned about going thru hoops if I have a claim.

Apparently TM dropped it. It doesn't look like a good deal. You have 30 days to cancel.

anyone bought the extended service warranty for $2500? it's no longer available at that price! This is the one you can buy before your current 4 year warranty expires, but you pay whatever price is current at the time, so should I have bought it at $2500? There is a private thread on this, but I am surprised not that many posts to that.

I took it public now that details are becoming clearer.

If I invest $4000 today, in 4 years I will have almost $6000.

If I invest $4000 today I can cover $1700 in repairs, in each of the 4 extended warranty years, and break even. Since I don't expect the car to be that unreliable I think I'll pass.

I believe in compound returns and well build cars... not in prepaid service plans.


Curious to know if you would buy the extended warranty at $2500 if they rolled it back for current owners? And, if so, would you have without the rollback?

I, too, shun extended warranties. I remember buying a chest freezer from Sears and the first ten minutes were the salesman telling me how reliable the unit is and, when I decided to buy it, the next ten minutes were spent trying to convince me of the wisdom of the extended warranty. If I thought the freezer was going to need the warranty why would I want the freezer?

You may expect 10% compounded, but that's way above market ROI at the moment.

Portia, it isn't an extended service warranty, it's an extended warranty. Service is covered under the extended service plan, which hasn't changed.

The've temporarily made it possible to buy at the original $2500 price, but it'll go up on July 3rd.

Unfortunately, when I click on the button, I get a response that "Service Plans are not available in your area." We live in Naples FL Oct-Jun and Southwest Harbor ME in the summer. Most disappointing.

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