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Shareholders meeting June 4

I'm planning to go, and will drive my Model S from Los Angeles up to Mountain View.

Anyone else interested? Maybe a caravan?

Just curious, is it usually possible for even those with a modest number of shares to attend such meetings? Reservations required? Are they one-day events? Do the major holders sit up front, peons to the rear? Does it cost money to get in? Dress code? Food? Do all the shareholders get invites?

I would like to go, never have been interested in a shareholder's meeting before, except Apple's maybe. Any info would be appreciated.

I've only got a handful of shares and I got an invite. Still debating whether to go or not as its a bit of a journey.

if the shareholders are interested get negotiations going with FORD AUSTRALIA as well as the victorian and federal goverment to get operations started up here in australia as there is a big opening just been shown look at this

i say you would be welcomed with open arms here

Mebbe the Oz. gov will "buy" the plant, turn it over to the unions, and let them manage themselves. Like GM. Win-win-lose.

@carlgo Those are all real good questions. To say I am clueless would be to overstate my knowledge. If I learn anything, I'll post.

@Vawlkus You received an invite? I just bought shares a month ago, but I haven't received anything. ??? Again, color me clueless.

And if there were a caravan, could the charging stations handle it?

I've been curious about the shareholders meeting as well. I've never been to one, I'd love to go but I am a long way from there.

If anyone goes, please post about the meeting here.

If its a general shareholders meeting, having even one share of TM would give you the right to attend and, in most cases, even speak at the meeting.

You must be registered with the company as a shareholder. Not hard to do.

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