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She is all charged up but I can't unplug her.

It is Saturday and my MS sits in my garage unable to move. The charging chord is locked into the port and the port is dead. Tesla service tried to troubleshoot the problem over the phone with no success. Now I wait, probably until Monday, for roadside assistance to come to my house and fix the problem. Good thing she is pretty because right now all I can do is look at her.

To be honest, I did not sit and watch him open up the upholstery to get to the back side of the charge port and he did not walk me through all the steps to manually opening the locking mechanism. What he showed me was a rectangular plastic cover on the back side of the unit that he removed very easily with one hand. He then pushed the solenoid piston with his index finger with very little pressure and said I could do that next time this happened (not that it would ever happen again).
I must also note that he had disconnected the 12-volt battery at the front of the car first so I am not sure I would stick my finger in there with the car still "live". In other words, don't try this at home, kids, unless you know what you are doing.

Captain Kirk would try it I bet.

Thanks David59 - If ever needs be, I will leave it to the professionals

Kirk might have a red shirt try it first.

David59 thanks for info. I've noticed a flap in the trunk to access the back of the charge port. Good warning regarding not touching it though.

What version of firmware do you have on your car now? (Press the Tesla logo on the display.)

Rubber glove?

David - glad you have it working.

Did you notice how he disconnected the 12V? The battery is really hard to get to, so I suspect there is an easier way and/or he just removed one of the fuses?

Wow David, I don't know if that was an access port or a can of worms you opened up...
Thanks for the info and the fair warning. While I love to tinker, I must refrain from doin so on my S.

A couple answers to questions asked above:

1) The software version is 4.2 (1.19.49)

2) Once he took the plastic cover off the 12-volt battery the disconnect was readily accessible. Behind the red loop that says to cut in case of emergency there is a plug on the battery cable with a safety latch that allows the battery to be disconnected and reconnected easily. It is up under the windshield but he was able to reach it without any hassles.

@David59 - are you sure about the software version? The highest I've seen reported is 1.19.42

Thanks for the info David ... by the way, did you have to pay for the ranger visit?

Nickj, my S did the software update 1.19.42 to the Rev david59 has, 1.19.49. I don't know what the changes are from the older one like you mention. It still shows the same page for update notes referring to 4.2.

prash.saka: There was no charge and nothing to sign when he was finished. I'm still a little shocked by how painless it all was.

Thanks David. I thought that the ranger visit was $100 per visit. Not sure how that fee is assessed. May be because it was a part under warranty or because the service plans aren't available yet or something else that meant no ranger fee.

For now, enjoy your ride.


I think there's a rule at Tesla, if you're car completely craps out on you, the Ranger fee is waived. Ranger visit to fix a rattle in the glove compartment - you get the fee.

This same issue is happening to my car right now...had to wait till monday for Tesla rep to come to my to unplug the charging cable???

@teslamaniac - it may be a software problem. Temporarily increase the charge limit to a range charge to force the car to start charging again. This can sometimes enable to cable to be disconnected. As soon as you unplug it you can reset the charge limit to normal.

If it is a hardware problem you'll need to wait for the ranger.

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