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Shocked and Dismayed

When I got into my car this morning, the first thing I looked for was the update restoring my auto-lowering feature. After all, Tesla told me that it would be returning in January. Yet, no update. I pinched myself. How could this be true? Tesla always stands by its word.

As was already noted, yes, they will be returning a new and improved lowering in v6 software.

And that should be coming shortly.

But keep in mind they didn't say what year January you'd get lowering back.


You mean no one has invented Time Machine?

I can't believe there are people who care so much about this. Get help. You are one of the luckiest people on earth, the recipient of a work of art crossed with a modern marvel, yet you can't be happy with it unless a tiny feature is restored.

The 6.0 release in Europe (and maybe Canada) is imminent. I believe the US model S owners will see it once the NTSBA releases their findings.

The OP does not even own an MS. Another troll working hard in the weekend...

^or short

@Jewsh I can't believe there are people who care so much about this. Even though some of us care about the way this was handled none of us ever wished anyone horrible deaths in an ICE fire. Could you remind us what it was that you cared so much about that you wished death on your opponents?

Mathew98, how do you know he doesn't own one?

I clearly own one; I've posted on private posts in the past. It's very convenient to dismiss people as trolls when you disagree with them. But it's not very persuasive.

Look for his previous posts. You will see a pattern of fud campaign.


"Could you remind us what it was that you cared so much about that you wished death on your opponents?"

The topic was class action lawsuits and my comment was directed at people who are only interested in Tesla when the stock makes them money. I think it's entirely possible that these "investors" are shills for big oil looking to generate bad press and take up time and money.

I have clearly made a mistake saying such a hyperbolic and outlandish thing. It was a long day with many challenges and I don't seriously wish death on anyone, even "stockholders" who sue when they should've known better or have special interests.

Matthew98, you're right. If someone ever criticizes Tesla, especially when that person pays for a feature that is then surreptiously removed, that person must be a troll. Better yet, that person is obviously engaged in campaign to destabilize Tesla so it's stock price plummets. You, sir, are silly.

So what is your VIN and where and when did you take delivery. Try posting in the private thread per JT's newbie post.

Not saying that legitimate owners like @robert and @whitex are in the same class as you, specifically. Some of these disgruntle owners have issues that should be addressed.

You just don't pass the smell test.

Get out of here troll.

He's commented before about key fobs that deteriorate rapidly and wanting to know where to get tint in SD. So I believe he's legit, just not very interesting.

Look at the Southern California posts (if you are in fact an owner, you'll have to that area). I posted a couple months ago looking for a place to tint my windows. That should eliminate this silliness.

I just got a new update today. Have not had a chance to download it yet.

I am neither shocked nor dismayed though my life has a lot bigger concerns...

OMFG do we need yet another thread about this topic? Like we haven't beaten this dead horse enough...

Seems pointless now that we know that the V6 updat will be better than before...

I'll vouch for @San Diego Tesla, he is an owner and posts regularly, not a troll.

I'm just curious, was the reason people added the air suspension option because of auto lowering or for the ride comfort? Seems like there is a lot of complaining about "I wouldn't have added this option if it was going to be disabled", but you still have the ride comfort advantage of purchasing the option.

I'm on my second month with my S60 (no air suspension) and the lack of it doesn't bother me, but I'm coming from it from more of a sports car angle than a luxury sedan which is what I see the comfort portion of the air ride suspension servicing.

I didn't have a choice, it was a mandatory part of the P85 package when I bought my car. Since it was a bundled item, I really didn't give it much thought. It just came with the car. Cool.

But . . . shock . . . and . . . dismay.

oh wait it's fixed.


To be completely frank here, I prefer sarcastic air suspension posts to the 'back seat cup holder' posts of yore. Both sets have valid issues which are insignificant and near-sighted to me, but are direly important issues with potential long-term ramifications for others. I sincerely wonder what hot topic the next quarter will hold :)

As has been pointed out in the other threads, the blog post from Elon said the update was expected in Jan, he did not commit to it.


@Omar He should have stuck with "soon."

Your suspension lowering will be back as soon as they roll out the bills for your free connectivity package. They promised that we would have to buy individual wireless plans a long time before they promised the lowered suspension would be back. There's a lot going on and they are working hard. Whiners.

I'm shocked and dismayed that after being covered with snow and salt for two weeks, it took a good two hours to hand wash all the gunk off the car.

And the dang thing almost look new again. What does a man have to do to get the wife and kids to wash and clean the car for ya?

Yo Elon, where the heck is my auto self cleaning function that you never promised??? I may have to trade it down for an iTurd...

Not a troll. But something that rhymes with it.

It's more like click-bait than trolling. Almost always start with a provocative title like:

Tesla has ruined me for other cars,

Why Tesla has killed more people than Pol Pot, Hitler and Mao combined

I wouldn't let my worst enemy buy a Tesla

so they are a little late on the feature release, so what?

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