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Side view mirrors

I am waiting for delivery on my s model. I was told that the side view mirrors can be folded down( I imagine electronically). As I have a small garage I need this to be true. Any of you with s models can tell me if thats true?

Yes it can be folded in but it is manual - not automatic.
You'll also notice that the MS is quite wide at the rear. The side mirrors stick out just a few inches beyond the rear fender.

It would be nice if the side view mirrors can be automatically folded like the door handles.

I have the feature on another car, but never really needed it. Many others in various forum posts have wanted electrically closing mirrors. Lots of votes for it on my site at:

@marcsbussin - A driver preset allows the view to be lowered when you put the car in reverse , but the housing itself only folds inward.

Just be careful. The car quarter panels at the wheels stick out almost as much as the mirrors. (The car has an hourglass shape to it - pinched in the middle). I keep my mirrors extended purposely to make sure I have the clearance (would rather bump a mirror slowly than the outside of the front or rear quarter panel at the wheels which I did one already).

So you only gain 2-3 inches if you folded the mirrors. But if you need it, you can do it.

typo .... which I did 'once' already).

door handles are folded but side view mirrors are not? common luxury cars has foldings side view mirrors why the beautiful and hi tech tesla model s hasn't it!!! Elon Musk!! Holzhausen!!! pleeeease!


The side mirrors DO fold, the door handles retract... what are YOU talking about?

The side mirror only fold manually, not electronically.

Discussions among waterfowl?

You suggesting they're all quackers?

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