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I feel like a stalker. I saw a white Model S driving on 112th near SE 8th in Bellevue about an hour ago. It was so beautiful. *sniff* It still had the temporary tag in the rear winshield.

I feel stupid because I actually did a double take. I didn't really get much of a change to look at it because I was driving in the opposite direction. Man, I love the LED lights. At some point, sightings aren't going to be a big deal, but I'm thinking that this is the first time I've seen a Model S in the hands of an owner (though I guess I don't know for a fact that it really was a customer owned car).

Downtown Seattle last Thursday (6/6/13 around 10 AM) a red Model S (with temp tag in back window) pulled up next to me eastbound on Mercer and later saw a green one north bound on 8th crossing Blanchard.

In Federal Way on Sunday about 12 noon there was a dark Model S(either a brown or gray) with dark wheels that passed me on S 348th near 16th (near Costco) going east bound and taking the I-5 North entrance off of S 348th. Also had a temp tag in the rear window.

I spotted a black one on Eastbound 520 about an hour and a half ago. I was in a dark gray BMW. The BMW service tech (we were trying to find an ever elusive dash squeak) and I were both eying the S! You went South on 405 while we continued East.

I just recently gained access to the locked threads as I put down a deposit on an X. I'll b test driving an S this week. I'm pretty excited!


I'll *be* test driving this week.

Oh wait, Brian H isn't in here is he? Haha! ;-)

2 sightings today. Both while on my test drive from the Bellevue store. The first was a white P85 with black interior, carbon spoiler and dark gray 21" wheels charging from the Roadster charger at Bell Square. Very sharp and the combo I would consider for an S (although, I really like the tan interior in the red car they've got on the floor now). The second was a black one with 19" wheels driven by a dark haired woman turning left off of Eastbound NE 8th onto northbound 110th Ave NE.

Oh yeah, the test drive was pretty spectacular. Definitely lived up to all the hype I've read about in many of the reviews. I got to open it up getting onto 405 S from 70th st. in Kirkland. Used the carl pool lane to pass a couple cars pretty much effortlessly and I didn't even floor it! ;-)

I found it interesting that they're limiting the test drive cars to 75 mph. Too many hooligans? Or perhaps the fact that the car is so darn smooth and quiet it makes 80 feel like 40. Very impressed indeed. Would love to put a P+ through it's paces though!


Oh yeah, both of the sightings above were between 1:15 and 1:45pm.

Also, there was a new multicoat red one leaving Gerk's in Issaquah yesterday at about 3pm as I was pulling in. Woman with short hair was driving.

That red sure does pop in the sunlight!

Merging onto I-90 from I-5 in the afternoon commute yesterday, I noticed a new gray S followed by a dark blue. I merged over and fell into line with them in my multicoat red. A hat trick, that then entered the express lanes. Gray kept going, while blue and red exited on Island Crest.

My daughter's boyfriend saw a white Model S up in Chewelah today. PatT, could that have been you?


Saw a red one with a pano roof in Bellingham Saturday parked on the street near WWU.

Driving along southbound I-405 south of Cold Creek Parkway about 6:02 AM this morning I noticed a multi-Red "sneaking" up on me (those Tesla DRL "eyebrows" caught my attention). Had to give a big "thumbs up" as it went by. The driver gave an acknowledging wave back.

Spotted a blue one with 19's (I think) parked and I think charging in the Marina Park parking lot in Kirkland around 1:30pm this afternoon. I didn't stop to look very closely as I was on my bicycle and in full horse to barn mode as I was pretty tired and quite hungry.

Looked sharp in the sunshine!


Chased another red with my own red on South I-5 this past Saturday morning. I probably freaked them out a bit (sorry), because I thought I was following a friend to the same birthday party with our kids. When I arrived at the party, my friend was back in their sig red (had been in red loaner early in the week), so I figured out I'd been harassing the wrong family.

I'm sure we were a sight to see, though!

Tuesday, July 2nd, saw a white MS southbound on I-5 near Boeing Field about 10:56 AM and a brown MS60 charging at the Blink chargers on west side of Safeco Field parking garage around noon.

Wednesday, July 3rd, saw a black MS eastbound on Edgar Martinez Dr (southside of Safeco Field about 11 AM and and less than an hour later a black MS (might have been the same one) turning east onto Edgar Martinez Dr from Occidental Ave.

I think last Saturday was a new record for me. I think I must have seen about 10 of them. As I had an errand on Mercer Island I saw three MS's in one parking lot (four incl. mine). Less surprising of course was seeing several at Bellevue Square and in DT Bellevue & on 405...

About 15 miles NE of Bordeaux, France Aug. 12th 2014.
About 25 Miles NW of London, England a week later. Both S85

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