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Signature Red vs 2013 Red

Is it my monitor or does the Model S on the homepage look like a darker red than what I have come to think of as Signature Red? Is Signature Red something other than what was on one of the early betas that was touring? Is there hope that the beta red might be the red that will be offered in 2013?

Sig red has changed both on the Tesla site and in real life if you look at various cars over the past 2 years and compare with the recent 4 colors Sig display at Tesla Fashion Island.

Personally, I think it has gotten better over time. Color on a computer monitor is very difficult because of the variation of every individual screen/image/print ---- a photographers nightmare. To combat this "color matching" tools help standardize color across different platforms. Unless you have these tools best to see the "color live" in different lighting conditions e.g. day/night/over head street lights, etc. However, most Sig holders will not have a chance to do this before they have to finalize their order. This is why I'm going with a Sig in Pearl White!

No sample of the 2013 red has appeared to the best of my knowledge. This red will not be Sig Red … this color is limited only to the Sigs and will not be used again in the general production cars.

For a little while, Muir Red was shown on the Design Center, but it's gone back into the Pending Box.

I know there is a red, named Signature Red, that is exclusive to the Signature series. I remember seeing a red beta in Washington DC over a year ago and feel in love with that color. At the time, I was disappointed that that color would not be available on my non-signature model. But as you say, the Signature Red has changed over time. The current picture of the nose of a Model S on the site looks much darker than the Beta I saw. So my question is, and I guess I know there is no answer announced yet, if the Signature Red is the more burgundy color now on the site, then might the more candy-apple red on the early beta be the red available in 2013. Here's hoping the red is not some bright "racing red" or fire engine red. I am expecting not, since it seems to be listed as a metallic paint.

The sig red has always been the same. It first made an appearance on the prototype and may have looked slightly different then. But that was a custom paint job.

The paint job on the Alpha prototype was a candy apple, ruby red. It is nothing like the Sig red. Everybody I know raved about the prototype red. It is not an option unless you pick custom colors. And those are not being offered yet.

Turns out custom colors are available, but at a real premium -- $12,000. And I'm not sure that wasn't just an accommodation for a big investor or longtime customer.

The prototype was the inspiration for sig red but since it was a custom job and cost 50 grand, according to my source, prototype red and sig red weren't expected to match. But of all the betas I've seen in person, the sig red looks consistent to me.

You are right, the red I saw was the alpha.

The latest blog has a photo of both reds sitting side-by-side.

Yes, this one:

If wonder if there is a higher-resolution version somewhere...

And if they are planning to showcase all 10 colors, then that has to include the red for the regular Model S. Even the design studio only displays 8 colors for the non-signatures + the sig red makes 9 ! So, the 10th color must be the Muir Red or whatever it's called... exciting !

Ya, photos pls, whoever sees it!

mwah, looks a bit cheap to me. A somewhat darker color then the sig red would close the gap to black, just like the current blue and green colors do. Maybe it's not final.

Cheap? Well, "Muir" is a Scottish word ...


@Brian H,
Is Muir a Scottish word or does it refer to a person who is a Scottsman?


Stop talking about Scotts. I get a huge urge to search for true Scottsman argument hidden somewhere in previous messages when I see that word. It's rather annoying.

There's no such word. Just Scot. Or, if you must, Scotsman.

"muir" is also an old Irish Celtic word for "sea". (Same root as Fr. mer.)

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