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Signature S pricing


I got off a call from the rep few weeks back with an unsure answer. What is the approx pricing of the Signature S? He said it is going to be 'comparable' to a BMW 5-series. Well, that could be anywhere between 60k-85k....

Anybody has any insight?


Brian H & Mycroft - I can not agree with you more. I just have an issue spending that much money on a mode of transportation....

I too find it difficult to justify spending so much for a car. So when Tesla went public, I began buying up shares whenever I could spare the cash. I went so far as to use some of my retirement nest egg to fund the buys. It was a risk I was willing to take because of the faith I have in Elon and Tesla Motors. So far I have netted nearly $24k on my 2400 shares. I fully expect the stock price to continue upward as we near roll out of the Model S. But even now the profit has taken a little of the sting out of the potential price. It's still not too late to invest. Imagine haveing Tesla stock pay for your new car a year from now.

I called today to inquire about changing my reservation to a signature reservation. I asked about price and the rep said most likely 90K minimum for signature. it may be worth it but that is steep.

@Klaus - smart move. I did the same (with less). Just hoping to get my $80K car for quite a bit less. Holding thousands of shares of TSLA is not for the faint of heart. Lots of sleepless nights with all the volatility. In today's Nasdaq aftermarket trading, I saw 100,000 shares purchased. Yes, 100,000 shares = $3.5 million. Obviously an institution.

I think we'll see a pullback to $31 before the next surge to $38. But if I was that smart, my Model S would be free. Ha.

@David M. You aint lyin'(not for the faint of heart). But I really believe it might get up in the $60-$70 range by next year. That would just about cover the cost. Sweet. See you on Saturday?

I also have shares and also have an option play on the shares. Bought calls at a $25.00 strike price with an option expiration of 1/13! That should help pay for the car! I thought $36.00 by Jan but seems it will get there before that. I am shooting for at least $50.


I've done the same as you, but started later and only have 1400 shares. I wish I had more, but couldn't scrape together more out of my IRA (already retired).


with the issues "$50k base price" and "tup to 300 miles" now discussed in broad and length, I'd like to come back to your statement:

"Promises of 45 minute recharges while on the road are now requiring an additional charger...."

The additional on board charger doubles the power when charging from AC. Instead of 10kW, you get 20kW. You must plug into a Tesla HPC to make full use of that. No AC socket will deliver 20kW (240V 80A) 1 phase.

In contrast to that, the 45 minute recharge meanwhile was specified as "DC fast charging" your pack up to 90% SoC within 45 minutes. It is done by a Tesla "supercharger" unit. Expect to find these in public places, donated by Tesla or another corporation. No additional costs incurred here.

To be even more clear, the "45 minute" DC fast charger does NOT use the on-board 10kw or 20kw charger. It bypasses the on-board charger completely because it shoots DC juice directly into the battery.

So there is nothing extra to buy. You would only buy the second 10kw charger upgrade if you wanted to fully use the higher amps provided by an HPC in your garage or someone else's garage while traveling.

Due to the cost of installing an 80-100 amp connection and the HPC itself, not too many folks are going to have one available.

The only reason I can imagine for putting such power into my garage is the anticipation that, some day, my multi-car garage will house more than one EV. When that happens, if I have 80+ amps I will be able to power more than one at a time or use extra power on just one at a time.

That said, I'll probably pass on the extra 10kW right now.

Fortunately for me, I already have a 200 amp service in my garage. Even so, and even though I'm capable of installing everything myself, the cost of the cable to where I would want to install the HPC would probably still be a couple thousand.

I am limited to a 240v/50a breaker in my garage sub panel.
I have contracted Solar City to do the install for me.
Model-S Sig has a 240v/40a built in AC/DC charger, included in Sig price (correct??)
My Wall mount outlet (box) is prewired to be Sig compatible.

I have a few related questons for you ...all:

1. I believe that Tesla is designing a custom 'Adapter' to plug into the EV from the wall outlet (also customized to Tesla).
2. Is this 'adapter' included in the Sig Price???
3. When I am traveling, and need to charge 'on the road'....will I need and 'additonal' adapter to connect to the 'standard' road side charging station and also to the "custom" Sig input plug???
4.Or will Tesla also provide this along with the "Signature options?

1. Yes. It's called the HPC-2. Specs haven't been released yet, but it should be designed to be hard-wired into 80-90 amps. Unless you upgrade to the second 10kw charger in the car, the HPC will be overkill.

2. No, the HPC-2 will most likely NOT be included with the Sig.

3. Other than the cable to plug into 110v (and probably 220v) outlets, we don't know what adapters will be included.

4. Unknown.

As long as you have a 50-amp outlet, it's believed that you should be able to charge up the car in under 5 hours with the standard 10kw charger.

Mycroft - thanks for the timely response.

In your 11/12/11 comment on Sig options, you Listed the 'Sport' option at $10k.

Could you please elaborate on what the 'Sport' options entails!

That's a wild-ass guess. The sport will most likely require that you upgrade to the 300 mile and air suspension options

It will include a modified drive train and it might include higher quality brakes. My understanding is that there is a debate going on about if there will be badging and style mods similar to what Mercedes does with AMG.

It might also require or include the 21" wheels, but that's a little iffy-er.

I'm guessing that the Sport package will be a $10k upgrade from Sig. It would be more from the base 300 because options such as air suspension and 21" wheels will most likely be included in the Signature standard package.

As I've said, the Sport package is what got me to sign up for Signature. Might as well get the car a little earlier if I'm going to buy most of the options for the Sport package anyway. I'm really excited about it! This 5 seat station wagon will accelerate faster than my SLK55 AMG!!!

In case you hadn't guessed, Mycroft's friends (and others) call him either 'Jackrabbit' or 'Hophead'. He fantasizes about being Evil Knievel. <:-0 Serious adrenaline addict.

Or SLT. ;)

At the Bellevue event they did say that the sport option would require the 300 mile battery.


Sometime next year we should find a place to race to see who can get the *least* range on a single charge (by driving 'too' fast).

At the risk of overlap with Mycroft's answers, let me try a slightly different way:

  1. Yes, there's a cable that will plug into your 240V/50A NEMA 14-50 outlet at one end and the Model S the other. This will provide enough power to fully utilize the 10kW charger built into the Model S
  2. Yes, the cable and one 10kW on-board charger are included in the base price of the Model S.
  3. The answer depends on what power sources you find along the road. The included cable plugs into standard 120V and 240V outlets and, possibly, more. It is likely that you will need an adapter, available from Tesla, to use J1772 chargers. It is unclear what other charging standards can be accessed.
  4. It's unknown what will be in the Sig package, though throwing in free adapters seems to me unlikely.

Of course, these answers are based on tidbits gleaned second-hand from Tesla employees as reported on forums. I would wait to hire the electrician until Tesla has released official specs.


Model S comes standard with everything you need to plug into the most common 240-volt outlet, standard 120-volt wall outlets and public stations.

I think it is going to be difficult for Tesla to back up this statement (with a straight face) without including a J1772 adapter as standard equipment.

Has anyone heard when final pricing and options will be announced? Is there an established date to post.

Yes, they've said "this Winter" which gives them a three month window. I believe Elon has mentioned something about "by the end of the year" or some-such.

That said, I'm expecting everything to be revealed in the first couple weeks of January after the holiday cycle. Hopefully I'm wrong and they'll do it sooner.

In the design center for the Signature it says December.

Sounds good to me!

Me too!

In Design Studio for signature and non-signature, it says "coming this winter" for me.

"Coming this winter" could be as late as the first day of spring? Ugh, friggin March 20th. Really hope it isn't that long.

@Kallisan - Where does it say December in the design studio?

@michiganmodels - I was sure I read december there, but now that I check it says coming this winter for me too. Also before I was sure I only saw info about options on the signature, and not on the standard S, but now it's on both. I might be wrong, or they might have updated the design studio. Sorry if I have misinformed you.

A couple weeks ago I got a 4-6 week target, (which corresponds to Decemberish), but maybe they are backing off a bit?

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